Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We all love mixing prints in one way or the other. For a casual day out try this- A cartoon tee with a floral layer. A simple way to step out.
1. Keep the look minimal yet trendy, adding one piece of jewellery that stands out. wearing too much can create confusion.
2. What you wear at the bottom is completely your choice, depending on the event. I wore a pair of comfy ankle length pjs, and to save freshly pedicured feet wore crocs. I love my crocs and slip them on whenever and wherever!

P.S keep a color in your outfit that pops out instantly. It can be done with your jewellery, shoes or a belt or bag. The choice is yours. I used my glass rings to grab attention. They were bright and beautiful. Though they aren't that clear in the piks as I ahd to take my own piks.

So keep mixing ladies:D:D

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