Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking around

Theres a lot of times that I want to write about a latest trend, or style etc, but don't have anyone to model for me. Lot of times I don't want to put my own picture, probably because I don't have that particular outfit, or the body type to carry a particular dress. What if I don't want to put pictures of hollywood/bollywood actors or super models, because they somehow look so perfect in everything they wear, they are so well maintained, have personal trainers, ace stylists,blah blah:p

 So then what??? I don 't write or should I write without pictures. How very boring!!! I looked around, and have been thinking for a while now about the thought. Taking inspiration from models and fashion designers can be pretty easy, because all they do is-fashion. But taking inspiration from around you can be a tough call. Looking at your aunty getting ready for a wedding might not sound chic, but if you look close you'll definitely find something peculiar in their way to dress. Something that is of their own, not taught to them by a stylist, no grooming. Just pure inner style. These ordinary women around us take pride in dressing up in whatever way, without bothering about the latest trends.
Thats when I realised how many models I have around me, from my cousins to friends to my mother and aunts all the way to my neighbour. And there I have had my first model, who is my friend and a freelance designer. I would describe her style as something which is fresh and ofcourse her own. She knows exactly whats best for her and my favourite part is , she loves experimenting!

 This post is basically about what to wear for a winter wedding, where her dress fitted in perfectly. She’s wearing a backless blouse for a wedding. What I loved about the blouse is that its warm(atleast it looks warm :p) and sexy at the same time. It gives you the feeling of not being too covered up,when your other friends are showing off too much, haha, and  shows off just the right amount of skin needed for a cold December night.Thank you for posing Nidhika!

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