Sunday, December 2, 2012

Making a statement

Making a statement is the motto of the fashion world today. From bold jewellery to eye catchy makeup to whacky prints. More than prints I stick to my mantra of making a statement. And that is with big, bright and bold jewellery. With the changing demands of fashionistas, the market also has a wide range of statement pieces in every price range.
Statement jewellery is by far the easiest way of picking up an outfits look without a hassle. Because there are no rules when it comes to style, you don't really have to worry about how a piece looks on you. Well I wouldn't worry much, if it looks good to the eye. It also spares you from the pain of wearing too much makeup you see, as the statement piece says does all the talking.

A few shots of my collection. A lot is in the box,still.

Also worn here and here and here


  1. I like the second necklace ;)

  2. I love your jewelry! So pretty! I'm your newest follower on Bloglovin!

  3. You are right... making a statement it is !! Love your ganesha tee with mehndi and that ring !

    Compliments on such a unique blog name :) Following you now !

    Much love
    The Heiress Blog


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