Thursday, January 3, 2013

Welcoming new year gulaabi girl style

Its pretty late for the first post of the year, but have been lazing around because its too cold!! Anyway, I have a feeling that its going to be a wonderful year ahead, full of new people, experiences, fantastic moments, beautiful holidays and much more. So I thought of saying goodbye to 2012 and saying hi to 2013 should be as colorful as I want it to be. So instead of a LBD or a sequin dress, I chose something full of life and color, ofcourse, for the last night of the year, which would drive into the first day of the coming year. This is what I wore on 31st december 2012.  Happy new year again to all my readers, and happy blogging everyone. hope to connect with many more wonderful people here!

The skirt that I'm wearing is a 12year old piece gifted, I was petite back then, but I loved the color so much, that I just couldn't give it away. I fit perfectly into it now, haha. Guess it was meant for this day:) So I'm pretty happy with those extra pounds that I've put on, because now I can wear those few outfits that hung loose on me.

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