Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Strong and Long

Have you dreamt of shiny long tresses flowing with the wind ? Well I have and imagined myself to be the center of attention on a beach. I was blessed with naturally thick bouncy hair. But if you get careless with God’s gifts they lose its grace. As a kid I hated my long pony tails. I was in 1st grade when my dad’s friend commented on how cool I would look if I cut my hair short. I cried the whole night and finally convinced my mum to get a short bob. Ever since the I have been experimenting with all sorts of hair styles and not forgetting my blonde hair look. huh!! But soon I realized that whatever you have natural looks best on you. So then I started concentrating on growing my hair, and guess what??   It wouldn't grow. Then came in the home made remedies, the tricks, the hair spas, the massages to boost hair growth. So on a friend’s request I'm doing this post where I'm sharing just a few things I have tried on myself for a few years now.

       1.   Vitamin E oil- This is said to be great for hair and skin both. gives lots of luster and boosts growth. So every time I oiled my hair I squeezed one gel tablet of vitamin in 2 tbspoons of olive oil. You could mix vitamin E oil in almond oil too. And apply on scalp. Don’t forget the hot towel after the massage. It definitely works as it opens the pores of the scalp and lets oil penetrate. This is a routine I follow every time I wash my hair till date. Its fuss free and beneficial.


       2.    Onions- In 12th grade someone told me or I read somewhere that onion juice is great for hair growth. So there I was grating onions every 3rd day. Squeeze out the juice and apply for 15-20 mins.. wash off. You could do this once a week.  Though I don’t quite remember the effects because I was soo desperate for long hair that I was trying too many remedies together.



3 .  Castor oil- Yeah, a friend told me about it.  Its quite funny how young girls would do anything for  beauty and not think twice. I applied the oil directly, and gosh, Don’t do that! though if you apply castor oil directly it has more benefits, but do it if you have about 2 hours for the shower. This greasy thing wouldn't leave my hair alone. So the next time I mixed it in almond oil and then applied it. You could keep it overnight for better results. And castor oil is food for longer lashes and thicker eyebrows too.

2010 Feb

 4.   Eggs- Now we all know the benefits of eggs for hair long lustrous hair. As for the non vegetarians I would say instead egg masks, incorporate eggs in your diet and pick one of the above remedies.  But for the vegetarians mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tbspoon of olive oil and and dilute in half cup water. Apply the paste and massage on scalp for 20 mins and wash off.   Or mix 1 egg-white mix 1 teaspoon olive oil and little honey. apply and leave for half an hour. Egg is and excellent conditioner so this paste could be used twice a month.

2010 August

    5.  Bananas- Now this one was one big mission. I'm laughing while writing this.. The right way to do it is mash a banana, pick a really soft one. Apply the paste. You could beat a banana with little bit of honey for a nice thick paste. Now you have to mash the bananas really nice so that it comes off easily. I was soo thrilled to know about this remedy that I quickly mashed a  banana and applied the paste. I left chunks in between that took me almost the entire afternoon. After the first three washes. I came out dried my hair to see what was left over. Had 2 more quick washes and it sought of came out. I would say 90%, not all.  It was grose. The odor killed me. So I never tried it again. To avoid passing out because of the odor you could use a shower cap to cover up. But this thing makes your hair so soft and shiny you wouldn't believe it.

 6..  Fenugreek seeds(methre) – This one is my maid's remedy. You warm oil in a pan and add fenugreek seeds. But I used mustard oil. hahaha and again the 5 wash ceremony. You could use almond oil. But I would say mix a little bit of olive oil also . After all hot oil treatment is known for its benefits. I recommend this one once in 15 days.


  7.   Henna- When my grandma saw all this effort and like she always loved my long tresses she told me her secret. Mix 2 tbspoon heena with curd. make a creamy paste and apply it for 45 mins. Now we all know how good a conditioner henna is. But I personally find this a very messy affair. I can't lie, the effects were amazing in terms of luster and softness. But I didn't do it for too long to see if it made hair grow faster.  though as a conditioner it does wonders. But Indian women swear by this remedy.


.        8.   Amla(gooseberry)- My mother always talked about the benefits of amla and shikakai and triphla for healthier hair. But I never really tried this one. But if you see my mother’s hair then you can't overlook this one. You could mix amla powder with 2 teaspoon lemon juice . Apply on scalp and wash after 45 mins. This is another Indian favourite and I have heard a lot about it.

Some tips to keep in mind:
1. Use a good brush to brush hair. Don't brush your hair too much, as I have seen girls playing with their hair all the time. It only leads to breakage. You lose a lot of hair if you flip around too much or mismanage your hair.  I personally brush 3-4 times a day, and never forget to brush before I go to sleep. Brushing has the same benefits of oiling. It stimulates the oil-produces glands. Its the lack of natural oil of the hair that makes the hair brittle. The night routine is to bend over and brish all through the nape till the ends of the hair. This boosts blood flow to the head.

2.Wash regularly and keep it clean. Wash with luke warm water. Don't overwash your hair till its squeaky clean. It washes off the essential oils. 2washes every third day is just right to keep hair healthy and lustrous unless you have a very oily scalp. An oily scalp needs to be taken more care of.

3. Avoid blowdrying/curling irons as much as you can.

4. A healthy lifestyle is most important factor. All the external measures do help only if you have a balanced healthy diet. 80%  depends on the diet .  Proteins and iron is very essential for hair growth.  Include eggs, fish, lentils, carrots, beans, spinach and seasonal fruits.  If you lack the time to closely monitor your diet then you could also take vitamin A, C and E supplements and folic acid pills to strengthens your hair.  Folic acid is Vitamin B. It is recommended to women at the time of pregnancy to avoid birth defects. . But you could take these before that too. I do!

Any personal experiences are totally welcome. 


  1. All those hairstyles look so great on you! What a versatile gal you are ;)

    Great tips!

  2. Nice hair style your childhood style is most liked by me......

  3. your are so beautiful i just want to be like u :P


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