Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Travel light but travel pretty

'Travel light' is my plan every time but it seldom happens. I think holiday is the perfect time you can relax and have fun, but at the same your pictures have got be perfect! I hate missing out on anything that spoils the picture or background. After all vacation time means lots of pretty memories, and for pretty memories it doesn't hurt looking picture perfect. A few tips to keep in mind before you go on a vacation, and specially if you're freakishly careful about your outfits-

1. I don't mind taking inspiration from other peoples' pictures, and planning a few things before hand. you could do the same. While surfing the net save any cute photos that you would want to recreate.

2. List of outfits is a must. You must for sure what you'll be wearing when. Keep separate outfits for shopping, dinner, beach etc.

3. Next in line is the accessories. I keep a separate box for jewelry and makeup in must handbag.

4. Keep a box of travel makeup ready for all times which has sponge/makeup applicator, babyoil, q-tips, cleansing wipes, painkiller, nail polish remover, lipbalm, perfume tester, tweezers and nail filer(let me know if I'm forgetting anything)

5. Two casual and one formal pair of shoes is a good number.

6. Don't get overboard with the picture taking, that you neglect the fun part. Just keep a lookout for appropriate backgrounds and scenic beauty that can make the experience last forever.

Some pictures from my last vacation. Would love to hear your experiences too:)

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