Monday, April 13, 2015

New mommy

Is being a new mom only a cranky baby, sleepless nights, tired afternoons, a house filled of baby powder fragrance with and lot of weight gain? I think its all of that and just a bit more. It gives you the break you need from the outside world, The break that bores you in the beginning but brings you closer to your new baby. It gives you an insight of the woman you really are.. Motherhood finally gives you someone who wants you, needs you, just you all the time. Isn't that what anyone would wish for?
All this while I have been thinking of the needed change the blog requires, And with fragments of the idea I'm writing again when I finally have some time on my hands as the baby has turned 4 months. Time flies, and still doesn't feel like I was away for so so long.
There definitely has been a change in clothing options, but a change that I'm enjoying every bit of. 

Here's what I wore for dinner this weekend with daddy dear.


  1. beautifuly written...I'm not a mom yet but hopefully some day I will be.
    you look so cute and pretty in this...lovely shirt!

  2. U look gorgeous as ever..n i love ur haircut.
    Do Participate in the giveaway m hosting on blog.


    1. Aditi gud to hear from you after long
      sure i wil paticipate!


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