Thursday, May 28, 2015

For lush skin

As I turned 27 this year, I feel age is just a number. Just three years less to 30, I feel like 22 year old inside. The growing years cannot take away the free spiritedness, the mischief, the dreams. But growing age, with growing pollution, stress and responsibility certainly takes a toll on skin.
What do you do when you see the first signs of aging??  scream, cry in your bathroom, stay awake all night thinking what to do next, or quickly buy a suitable creme for yourself?  I did all the three! I started noticing fine lines around eyes a few months back, and I knew its time for a night skincare regime.
But then I was more than shocked to see women I know, be it my cousins or friends or aunts who did not see the signs at all or ignored them. It was disappointing to see young women doing so much wrong to their skin. Lack of information, awareness or just sheer callousness, girls are ill treating their skin. Late nights, stress, sleeping with makeup on, no night skin care routine, wrong creams etc etc is all keeping a lot of girls from achieving the best for their skin.
A skin care routine is not for women above 30 or above 40, it is girls who go to school and college too. Because girls today have started using makeup and are open to pollution and late nights at an early age. The early you start, the better. And so, I decided to this post for all the girls who I know of and who I know not of, who are doing injustice to the faces. Here what you ought to start doing right away.
I have always been very religious with skincare routine, but with the variety of products in the market, one can get confused or miss out on the best product for your skin stype. And after years of test n trial I have a bag of products best suited for my skin.
A night skin care regime includes a serum, under eye cream and night cream, other than the cleaner and toner.

 1.  Hydration - I would remind everyone of this most essential part of a skin care routine. Begin your day with plenty of water and stay hydrated through the day. Because no matter how much creams and serums you use, at the end of the day even everything together will not give you best results if you miss out on 8-10 glasses of water each day.

2. Cleansing- Please use a cleanser to remove makeup. DO NOT use a face wash directly to remove eye makeup. I have seen girls do this and this makes the area around your eyes dry, dry and more dry. and dry skin means early aging. Use the cleanser twice to remove makeup. The first time you clean the makeup, But the second time you clean pores and get rid of deep set dirt. I use Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk for regular days Maybelline  Clean Express Total Clean Makeup Remover for removing eye makeup. Its for all skin types. Doesn't irritate the eyes too.

3. Facewash- On usual days I just use a cleanser only.  But when removing makeup I use facewash after it. It makes the skin squeaky clean. Currently Im using Fabindia Tea Tree Facewash. Its my third year. Its amazing for oily skin.  Occasionally I use  Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating Scrub after cleansing.

 4. Toner-  A lot of girls skip this step thinking its of no use. I did it too. But trust me Its a big mistake we're all doing. The day I started using a good toner religiously, I was sorted. My pores were smaller, and smaller pores means less dirt, and less dirt is lesser skin problems. My favourite will have to be Fabindia Tea Tree Skin Toner. It is too good with acne prone skin. Just the product you need. Remember to use an alcohol free toner, The best way is to spray a little on the desired area and lightly dab with your fingers. Quit the cotton balls for applying toner.

5. Eye Cream- Using an eye cream separately does make a difference, and I realised a few months ago. And my first choice was L'occitane Angelica Eye Roll On. But the price nade me think twice. The results were too good but for a more economical choice I switched to  Fabindia Aloe Vera Under Eye Gel. Im a big fan of Fabindia products and I didn't want to take risks with other creams, So a gel cream was a good choice. The fine lines are disappearing and my eyes looks big and fresh in morning.

6. Night Creme- There is a creme for every age group. choose a cream widely. Read reviews online and see whats best for your skin type and requirement. I think the nest time to start using a night cream is the day you turn 25. Im using Lakme Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Night Creme. It brings the the rosy glow that you'd love the next morning and has been working great on my dark spots. I also love the effects of Olay Natural White Night Creme.

Serum- Just ordered my serum online. After reading too much about the good things it does to your skin, I', finally convinced about using one. It penetrates deeper into the skin making it look lush and nourished and is great for oily skin too. Skip your night creme when you use a serum. Some use a serum over a night creme. But I'd suggest you use it alone. I'm going to try to the Ponds Gold Radiance Serum. Read good reviews about it.

I have seen pretty good results in the past few weeks. These pictures are not edited and you can see my skin defintely looks clearer and healthier.

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