Monday, September 28, 2015

Perky maxi

Clothes that you don't wear anymore, clothes that don't fit you anymore are great palettes for creating something new. You could try DIYs on them and if it doesn't turn out good, then it doesn't even hurt too much. Every once in a while I refurbish one of my old clothes, that can't be altered according to my current size, or are plain and boring. that ways you add a fresh piece to your wardrobe without investing too much, and a piece thats your own creation. Sound good! So I pulled out an old maxi skirt to add some Gulaabi Girl touches.

Things you'll need

 Creating your own motif/stamp
Befor doing the stamping, I tried searching for options for making a stamp. You could use felt to make your own stamp. I used waste eraser. Cut out a heart using a scissor and put a nail thorugh it for some grip. This is not the most efficient way to do it, because the nail might give you a very good grip. But I had no time to go to the market and so the rubber and nail.

Start painting 

Using a brush apply fabric paint on the rubber, a decent amount. rubber will not absorb the paint, and so might not give a good impression, so avoid using water to make the paint runny. 

I stamped the hearts all over, and filled them with paint free hand. Separate the two layers of clothing with a newspaper to avoid blotting.

How I wore it
I wore the maxi skirt like a tube maxi and layered a sheer floral button down for a breezy day.

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