Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Make your own lights

Decorating and lighting up the house for Diwali is a tradition we have been following for years. And what can there be than to decorating with handmade things. Get involved in exciting and easy crafts that you and kids make together, for some extra family and fun time. And see the happiness you offer them when they see their crafts hanging around the house. Plus they'll look forward to such moments all the year round! Here's another DIY for your 'Home Sweet Home'

Things you need
Thermocol cups Acrylic paints, 5mt long light string. thermocol cups, craft cutter

Get Started!

Begin with painting the cups. i chose black to make the light shine brighter

2. Dot the alphabet.

3. Make two small cuts on each side of the alphabet to stick in the wire. this way the cups will fit nicely over the wire.

4. i put two little lights each in every cup.

5. Put the cups together.

The result 

Light up the room


  1. This is a fun and easy DIY project. i am surely teaching my nephew this.



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