Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When in Paradise

Vacationing in Kashmir is like a dream come true. Such is the beauty of this place. The trip as short and the pictures crisp. With whatever patience I had while traveling with a 10monthn old, I squeezed in a few shots for the blog. Though the trip was planned way before, the outfits were finalized a night before. My anxiety was high!! First time on my land, my motherland, in 27 years of my good life, the trip had to be perfect. But with the responsibilities of a new mother, time was a big issue. Though nothing seemed enough. The outfits looked dull in those blue mountains, The colors looked faded amidst the greens and flowers made my makeup look stale. I made a fairly good attempt to match the gorgeousness of this place. Because in the end, having a good time is the most important part of a holiday.

1 comment:

  1. The pictures r gorgeous...n u look as beautiful as the place u holidayed in.
    A Peach top with striped tights look so stylish yet comfy.


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