Thursday, September 8, 2016

That Summer

Some photos are precious. No matter how many more of those photos you have, some of those will always be close to your heart. Because they bring so many memories . Memories of places,moments, people, experiences, beginnings. Its endless.  

In the first trimester of my pregnancy , in my favorite city- Mumbai, getting clicked by my husband so patiently, wearing perfect summer outfit, looking absolutely excited for the days ahead, and that spot! I had been eyeing those walls for a long time. It looked like such a stunning place for an outfit shoot. Though this shoot was unplanned and the outfit was a lucky pick, that summer was 'oh so beautiful' .

Monday, June 27, 2016

Crops for the curves

Crop jackets have been too much on my mind lately. I have done a post on crops when I started this blog. But since then todag has to be my firzt post when I actually post pictures in one myself. There are some things you like wearing, but feel you wouldn't be able to pull it off.   Well  for me, the crop jacket is one of them. So even though I had various ideas of how to style them, something stopped me everytime for going out wearing a crop. And I would dump it back in the closet.
With the baby, the new body,  and a more confident me, which might be very unusual for some, I'm finding myself experimenting more. All the trends that that sounded 'ahh not for me',  are on photos, hanging on me! Guess the motherhood and the new curves have blessed me with a sense of pride. The pride of being able to bring new life in this world and then getting back to doing what you love the most. Getting dressed!!  Everyone has their inhibitions, and I had mine too. But the moment you overcome you realise the long way you have come. And how sweet the journey was.

Trying myaelf on the most basic way of wearing that crop. Denims+ strap top+ boho necklace.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

When you go fusion

Taking sometime out for yourself is important for individual growth. With a baby around all the time it becomes an agenda to find some space for yourself. Among all this my blog was never a problem for me with the small following and not many expectations from a long list of readers. But then a small following is no excuse. I still try to deliver what I would with a million followers. I believe in quality and not quantity.  I pat myself on the back every once in a while after a post is up.  And here's to another colorful outfit that I thought of while in the poo-poo, because thats the only lonely spot left in my house while the little one sleeps.

Catching up with the boho trend. The fusion of ethnic and bohemian is unbelievable. The highlight of the look is the button down which was a steal at just 200INR.

The bag is a vintage and my mom's ( which I took into my possession without letting her and my sister know!!!)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Think like a blogger

One way I like to create more clothing options for myself is through diy. And painting your own clothes can be tough job to so yourelf. So I try to find easier options of painting. It dosnt have to be freehand. You could use a variety of things. Just a little practice is the key. Block printing is for everyone. Even the kids. Whatever object you choose, try a few times on paper on rough cloth.
I chose to paint with leaves. I have a special affinity to leaves when it comes to paints since I was kid. They come in so many shapes ans sizes. And if you look close the web of veins is a beauty.
So lets get started!

Things you need

Step 1:
Put a newspaper under the cloth to avoid transfering the paint underneath.
Now choose carefully which side you want to paint. I painted with the backside of the leaf. The impression of the leaf from that side was better. You could see the veins more prominently in the painted image.  For a nice outline I would suggest the backside.
Paint the color you want. Keep the color consistenvy right. Not too dry, not too runny. If its too dry the color won't transfer nicely and you will have empty spaces. If color is too runny it might fall off the object while you try to put the object on the cloth. And it might also spread outside the outline you want.

Step 2:
Press it down gently. Applying too much pressure,if you're choosing a leaf, will diminsh the veins. And spread the color too much.
The bigger leaves below do no have veins visible, because I wanted it that way. I have painted small leaves too which show the outlines nicely.

Step 3:
Fill on color freehand, if you want.
Leave to dry for 24hours.
Iron on the backside of the clothing after the paint is dry.

The two waya I wore the dress. Before and after!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's all about You

Everyone has a different perspective to a perfect outfit. For some it might be known brands on every part of their body. For some it might the newest of trends nicely put together. For some it might be good colorscheme. And for some a perfect outfit might be something that perfectly hides their flaws. For the others like me it might be a bit of everything and yet another aspect that not only makes the outfit perfect but also makes you feel perfect.  And that aspect is You.
Yes, in the race of perfection and flawless appearances we forget ourselves. You may sometimes leave the reality behind and run after superficial attributes. Afterall its You who makes that outfit look perfect and that makeup look flawless . And the minuses that we get is not the deductions for imperfect clothes or wrong fashion picks, its actually the points that stand for You. When the You goes missing from an outfit, your clothes look dull and often mismatched.
So, what is this You in every outfit. I thought really hard for how to put this to make it easier for everyone to comprehend. Everyone has a personality, likes and dislikes, some favourites too. We all have images in our mind of how we want to look like or what we want for an ocassion. Experiences with a certain type of dress, comfort level for certain colors. All this put together makes You. When we pick an outfit for an ocassion we generally take these things into account. But sometimes when we try to negotiate with ourselves to fit in or please people, the You in the outfit starts to fade. What we see in the mirror is what people expect of us or how they would like to see us. 
What we must remember is that the only person worth pleasing is yourself. Everyone else might be a part of your life or social circle, but they are only a part of it. And while you chose those parts too, the bigger part is still You!

For a bright spring day I chose a long Pakistani kurta and a pair of insanely beautiful embroidered juttis. My most lived part is the boho earrings that pulled everything together so neatly. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Daddy's girl

When its summer we all like dressing comfy , and an oversized shirt comes in handy for that laid back look. Taking your dog for a stroll, going to the beach or cooking anniversary dinner for your partner, an oversized shirt is my favourite. If your don;t have one, don't worry borrow it from your father/brother/husband. I used my father's shirt in olive green, did the collar myself to 'tag it mine' and you're done,

six fashionable ways of wearing an OSS

1. with your pants/tights and a sling bag. Add a belt to add shape.
2. shorts and scarf for the beach. you could tuck it in and add a broad belt for a stylish look.
3. over a maxi while going to run errands.
4. over a knee length skirt and statement necklace for drinks with your gals
5.  crop it and make a knot to show off your midriff.
6. Make your own statement. This is the way I chose to wear it. Add a little something to the collar like I did.

Here are two ways I wore them.

For the girl glamour I added a little bling to the collar. Also helps to keep accessories minimal


Look 2
Combining two most loved fashion trends- stripes and oversized clothing. With a punch of desi with a chandellier earrings.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Desi Memsahab

 You keep learning something new about yourself everyday. While I'm trying to outgrow that pixie, I'm learning quite a few things too. How my fashion sense has evolved over the years since I started blogging. But it still doesn't change the basics. I have been a person who believes in minimal effort when it comes to hair. If I don't have to manage my hairstyle too much or spend too long doing my hair, thats the right haircut for me. Growing a pixie or a bob can be tough and so I'm constant playing with my hair to get that right look that I'm most confident in. The look thats absolutely ME! Little did I know that I would achieve that in bed, while I'm dreaming, away from that mirror. The pictures below show the stage and state of my hair that I'm most happy with. Effortless! I literally didn't touch my hair to get that. Straight out of bed. I'm feeling to love this, but the confusion has grown. Whether I actually want to outgrow that? How many women can actually wash their hair in the basin? How many women leave the house without hair sprays, straightening ,hair wax? Sound like a perfect picture.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The love hanger

When everyone is busy getting ready for the Valentines Day, buying gifts for their loved ones and making dinner reservations, I decided to have a quiet Valentines away from my husband doing what I do best. Taking care of the baby and doing fun diys! I came across this cute wall decor on a blog and did a little something for my bedroom for the special day. Its all about feeling the love and being thankful for every special person you have in your life. The idea could spruce up a corner in the house be it your parents' bedroom too.

Things you need 
Scissor, thread/ribbon, pen , cello tape/hotglue gun, colored paper of your choice

Get started
1. Make little hearts on the paper. You could use stencil if you're a beginner.

2. Cut the hearts out and glue/tape them on the ribbon/ thread. I used craft paper that was white on one side, which was a mistake. Its better to used paper thats colored both sides to avoid the white when the hearts swing around.

4. Hang the thread/ribbon on an old hanger.

You could even hang pom poms or little bells for a Christmas Eve. Keep the thread a little longer and hang little buntings to give it your creative touch.
The good thing about this diy is you could hang it anywhere in the house. You don't need a day to show love, express love and fill the air with love. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Make a quick pick for Valentines

It's that time of the year when there is endless love in the air. Everyone is gearing up for special day. Salon appointments, planning vacations, finding the right outfit to look perfect for that someone special. But the celebrations are incomplete without the perfect gift for your valentine The best part about Valentines Day is that it falls in between the sale season, lending us a lot of potential gifting options. As the day comes closer and the search intensifies, one must keep in mind a few necessary things while shopping for a gift that can leave an impression.
- your partner's personal style
- is he/she a gadget freak
- has your friend been looking for a particular piexe for the wardrobe( like those new Nike shoes or that tan bag in Stevve Madden)
-does he/she like to experiment or just stick to the basics.
The key to that thoughtful gift is keeping a close eye and asking a lot of questions to know him/her better. I have been browsing for budget buys on Jabong for a while now as there is also a family wedding coming up. I like to invest in things that my husband would love to wear and just keep in his closet because its not his style and never even part with it because I bought him that!  While browsing I have shortlisted a few options from Jabong's biggest list of lust worthy items. I hope it might help you further with your gift search.

1. (Manufaktura Home Spa mint and almond herbal soap Rs990)- This gorgeous soap will potray your out of the box thinking. The gorgeousness of this soap will light up your bff's face for sure!

2. (Osmo Professional fibre paste Rs770)- This is an ideal pick for a man who like extra hold on his mane while also turning heads around!

3.(Natio Wellness body scrub Rs1140)- Body scrubs ard the most underrated gifts. With the many skin benefits they can be a ideal gut for your friend who likes that extra shower time.

4. (Victoria Secret giftpack Rs7200)-  A  gift pack with other beauty elements could break the old superstition of gifting perfumes for cordial relations.

1. (Guess blue analog watch Rs 12700)- The dark blue tone sets it apart from its gold and silver counterparts,and makes it a modern day classic. Its adequately feminine and just as glamorous. 

2. (Diesel trojan grey analog watch Rs 9495)- If your man loves the outdoor lifestlye then this camo watch is great catch. I tops my wishlist and will definitely top your too. This sporty and low maintainence watch is a good investment shows your thoughtful side. 

3. (Guess latitude two-tone analog watch Rs 14300)- A mix of gold and silver tone, this unisex watch definitely is a classic piece and has the potential of an everday watch. This is a watch if you're not too sure of what color to go for.

1. (Viari tan laptop bag Rs6400)- This bag is a quintessential closet staple. Its classic yet contemporary. A bag for all age groups . This is an everyday bag that adopts to the formal norms of the work culture as well makes those distressed denims edgy. 

2. (Bag Jack tan leather laptop bag Rs2989)-  If you're looking for a bag that is seasonless and super easy to style, this brown laptop bag is a great pick. The sauve classic is for both the sexes. 

3. (Mboss beige leather duffle bag Rs6299)- The color and design give a 90s appeal to this unisex bag. For the friends that like to add a little drama to their style this is the bag that they can stuff all their essentials inside for a weekend getaway. 

4. (House of Tara laptop sleeve Rs550)- if your girlfriend loves color, this quirky laptop sleeve will be a nice addition to her wardrobe.

1. (Invern by Monteil golden lapel pin Rs695)- Accessorizing your man can be a tough job. But Jabong jas somehing for everyone in one place. 
These standout pieces transform a basic classic to party chic. And are a total must have for every man.

2. (Calvadoss red tie Rs899)- The nautical stripes make it an effortless lunch-punch item. Ups the outfit an instant!

3. (Chasquido blue bow-tie Rs699)- Whatever color you choose,whether its polka dots or a bright red or even paisley print, tells him a lot about what you know of him. A tough choice there, but the effort will be surely worth all his love and praises.

4. (Rayban aviator sunglasses Rs6990)- Some pieces remain a total winner no matter what you're celebrating. And aviators are one of them!

5. (Gilderman silver cufflinks Rs1699)- Regardless of where he's going theese tiny add ons are for all occassions. 

6. (NEXT multiman charachter socks pack of 5 Rs 1490)- Even boys like to have fun every once a while. And a pair to unconventional socks can be a good way to start from.

1. (Philips 5in1 multistyler Rs2995)- A complete hairstyling range from Philips will keep your Valentine looking gorgeous. This includes a hairstrightner, a curler and rollers. You never know thia might even be in her wishlist!

 2. (Philips Aqua Touch shaver Rs2495)- A clean shaven look will always remain in vogue no matter how long the beards get with time.  The added benefits are you will be the first thing on his mind every day!

P.S : This post is in collaboration with Jabong. However the reviews and choice listed are my own. The original prices of all the products has been written. The discounted prices may vary.

Happy Valentines Day & Happy shopping!!

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