Monday, February 29, 2016

Desi Memsahab

 You keep learning something new about yourself everyday. While I'm trying to outgrow that pixie, I'm learning quite a few things too. How my fashion sense has evolved over the years since I started blogging. But it still doesn't change the basics. I have been a person who believes in minimal effort when it comes to hair. If I don't have to manage my hairstyle too much or spend too long doing my hair, thats the right haircut for me. Growing a pixie or a bob can be tough and so I'm constant playing with my hair to get that right look that I'm most confident in. The look thats absolutely ME! Little did I know that I would achieve that in bed, while I'm dreaming, away from that mirror. The pictures below show the stage and state of my hair that I'm most happy with. Effortless! I literally didn't touch my hair to get that. Straight out of bed. I'm feeling to love this, but the confusion has grown. Whether I actually want to outgrow that? How many women can actually wash their hair in the basin? How many women leave the house without hair sprays, straightening ,hair wax? Sound like a perfect picture.


  1. Love ur hair...very chic.


  2. Nice look, love your bag!

  3. You're right. Its an absolute luxury to be able to wash hair in the basin & not having to style your hair every now & then. Also not everyone can pull off a pixie haircut, & you girl do it so well. Looks supercute on you. I think you should keep this hairstyle. Drop by my blog sometime


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