Saturday, April 2, 2016

It's all about You

Everyone has a different perspective to a perfect outfit. For some it might be known brands on every part of their body. For some it might the newest of trends nicely put together. For some it might be good colorscheme. And for some a perfect outfit might be something that perfectly hides their flaws. For the others like me it might be a bit of everything and yet another aspect that not only makes the outfit perfect but also makes you feel perfect.  And that aspect is You.
Yes, in the race of perfection and flawless appearances we forget ourselves. You may sometimes leave the reality behind and run after superficial attributes. Afterall its You who makes that outfit look perfect and that makeup look flawless . And the minuses that we get is not the deductions for imperfect clothes or wrong fashion picks, its actually the points that stand for You. When the You goes missing from an outfit, your clothes look dull and often mismatched.
So, what is this You in every outfit. I thought really hard for how to put this to make it easier for everyone to comprehend. Everyone has a personality, likes and dislikes, some favourites too. We all have images in our mind of how we want to look like or what we want for an ocassion. Experiences with a certain type of dress, comfort level for certain colors. All this put together makes You. When we pick an outfit for an ocassion we generally take these things into account. But sometimes when we try to negotiate with ourselves to fit in or please people, the You in the outfit starts to fade. What we see in the mirror is what people expect of us or how they would like to see us. 
What we must remember is that the only person worth pleasing is yourself. Everyone else might be a part of your life or social circle, but they are only a part of it. And while you chose those parts too, the bigger part is still You!

For a bright spring day I chose a long Pakistani kurta and a pair of insanely beautiful embroidered juttis. My most lived part is the boho earrings that pulled everything together so neatly. 


  1. Nice look, love your shoes!
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