Sunday, April 23, 2017

Shifting base

While moving to Canada from India, I got a lot of expert advice. So many mixed reviews and opinions and emotions. What I must take and what I must leave behind. What I must let go and what I must just totally forget about.  But even experts can also go wrong.  Even after the loads of advice there will be mistakes.
- Do your research well and compare prices and check for availability.

- Things like indian wear and junk jewelry are items that have a huge margin.  Cotton kurtis and sleepwear can be carried from India. Though you can find everything in Canada, do not expect Sarojini Nagar prices.  I'm glad I bought almost all my jewelry and compromised on other things.

- Forget any winter wear you have, because you will find the best deals in Canada itself .

               Below I'm wearing my multi colored
                  beaded silver statement necklace
     Jacket -Gap( bought on sale)
     Shoes -Aldo (on sale)
    fleece  Leggings - Dollarama
   Total- CAD $140


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