Friday, May 10, 2013

Beyond Spirit Fesival

I'm not sure how many of you have heard about the beautiful Kasol, popularly known as the Parvati Valley. Its a small village in Himachal Pradesh, which goes unnoticed while we head to Manikaran Sahab. Predominantly known for its hippies and local hasish, Its a place you would want to be this summer. The valley's festival season has started and after a long wait we finally have a chance to act crazy with everyone else. The last time we made a trip was in winters when the hippie population is hibernating. But the place looked charming and peaceful and my husband and I couldn't get over the Parvati Valley for long. All I'm excited about is the maddening music and my outfit posts in the gorgeous valley. Take a look how charming Manali looks in fall.

The Creative side -effects of the Local hashish

My staple diet to my begin my day-Nutella pancaked wity black coffee

In the fall

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Put your money where your heart is

Have you ever thought how your accessories can sometimes do the magic to the outfit you want? How just a bag brightly coordinates the entire outfit. Well, its 2013 and you can expect all unexpected from fashion. Box clutches to graphic prints to studded bags. They can make you drool over. I happened to find such bags lately. I hovered over to a website and saw these cute little pieces, hard to ignore. Its like putting your money where your heart is. I put on polka dot maxi with my DIY ballerinas, and let the bag hold everything else for me- eyeballs too!
You can DIY here
You can find these jute, flex and canvas bags on, and Myntra

Polka dot maxi(stitched myself)

Flex bag from House of Tara

Date with my husband after 6 months:D

How my shoes look in the night

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