Sunday, December 30, 2012

Getting cozy with style

With the last post for this year's winter and the years biggest party I thought this would be the most appropriate thing to talk about. Layering is what we all love the winters for. The cozy knits, sassy jackets and those boots, how can you forget.  But I usually see a lot of women not experimenting too much in winters as they don’t really know how to layer certain things, so they stick to the basic-knit and denim. I think we all need to come out of our little shell and look at other wearable options with feeling the chill.

The pear shape
Thats my body type. So i have a few pictures for you to see.  This body type has a full hips with a small shoulders. 
Always remember to layer the upper part of your body, and leave the lower simple.
You can draw attention to your upper half with a sassy jacket or cardigan that ends below or above your hips. Remember your clothing should not begin or end at your hips.
Tops with high necks and bright prints can be a good option to accentuate your bust.
Pick nice tailored pants, preferably straight, that begin above your hip and accentuate your waist. Avoid excessive details around the hip, or large cargo pants.
And ofcourse heels with bright socks do the trick for me, and can do for you too!!

The hourglass shape
Don’t let the layers hide your curves.
The first layer can be a bright top to highlight the upper body layered with a jacket. But avoid jacket with shoulder padding.
High-waisted bottoms can emphasize your hour-glass figure and add length to your silhouette.  Avoid pants that taper at the bottom or belts at hips, as they will only make your hips look larger.
A-line skirts can also highlight your curves. If you are tall a mid-length pleated skirt can be a good option, if petite then go for a short flared skirt.
Knee high boots will always elongate your silhouette.  Avoid ankle-strap shoes.

The apple shape
  1. Your trick should be to accentuate your lower half, and draw attention to your slim legs.
  2. Long shirts will elongate you torso. Avoid ruffles, shoulder details, they will only make you look bigger at the top.
  3. Layer with a waist coat that defines your waist and bust. Its best to keep your upper body sleek and simple.
  4. Show off your legs with shorts and skirts, and go for pants that has a lower rise than your natural waist.
  5. Dark coloured stocking are slimming and add length.
  6. Keep the focus on your legs with ankle length boots.

So those were a few tips that you can keep in mind and never go wrong.  Now some easy layering ideas that you can experiment with this winter.
  • The moist basic- knits over pants. Instead of those pants try wearing your knits with a pleated skirts, and to keep your legs warn you can add stockings.  You can accessorize with a sassy collar piece.
  • For your maxi lovers, add a coat over it and some funky socks to complete the look. You could also add a woolen scarf to keep the neck warm.
  • Layering a t-shirt with a tunic or a-line top can be fun. Add some bright tights.  You can layer a tee over a tunic and complete with a bf jacket and sneakers.

 Whatever you choose to wear, don’t forget to wear on thing all the time- confidence and a big smile!!! Happy 2013!! . Party hard

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The color of love and Christmas

Red is color of Christmas. So I thought of putting lots of red in my outfit for the day.. Its no harm sometimes to overdo it, right?? Though my cardigan is not a red, its carrot color, and I have to admit I don't have even a single dress in red, the stocking is the only piece I have in red!! And also you will see I am wearing two different prints together, which I thought of breaking down with a solid color.

Merry Christmas all my beautiful readers:)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Colors of India-2

Today I have a beautiful dancer from the craft exhibition that I visited couple of days back. The exhibition was the one that popped the idea in my head about starting these series. I was overwhelmed at the sight. I was surrounded by beautifully dresses dancers, everybody performing their own native dance. I was so busy taking pictures and admiring their outfits, that I literally forgot to ask them where they all were from. That's stupid, I know. But then I convince myself my saying how does it really matter, as long as they all were from India and were just showcasing the diverse cultures!!!

Style Inspiration- Here what I love about her outfit is her BIG nose ring. That's  what caught my attention. And I remember myself waiting desperately for their performance to get over so that I could take one picture of the lady. Isn't she gorgeous!

2. The other Inspiration that we can get from the outfit is wearing a short jacket over a button down shirt. Now that's something we all have been following lately.

3. The third thing is her double beaded chain. Glad that she hasn't forgotten to accessorize the shirt.

4. And we should also not ignore the colors been used in the outfit. The popular electric blue shirt. And also the pop of color that she added with the red head scarf. 

 Now that's how I did it!!

Its funny how we all follow fashion trends, look up whats in and whats not, but if we really go deeper to the roots from where all these trends come in from, we would clearly see. So what do you all think about the outfit??

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby products for beauty

As my last post was about the eyes, I think its time I talked about cleaning them. Eyes according to me are the most sensitive feature of the face. And mine are over sensitive, to light(beacuse of the color maybe), to dust( wondering why:p) and over sensitive to make up removers. Gosh For years I had been changing my makeup remover, just to find something that didn't sting my eye. But every damn thing did!! I have loads of eye makeup removers stacked up, tested once. Till one day I finally thought of using the Johnsons baby wipes. I'm a fan of baby products for a long time, and the baby powder would be my favourite for ever and always, as I'm allergic to talcs, but my skin loves this one.
Coming back to the Johnsons baby wipes, I remember the first time I purchased them, I was so embarrassed while it was getting billed and in a small town in India purchasing baby wipes means you got to have  a baby around you. Ahahh. Huh, after all the staring and awkward smiling, I had them. I kept wondering until last week if women actually used baby wipes to remove makeup. Or I was the only crazy one. I was wrong!!


Reasonably priced
I love the fragrance, and so does my husband ;)
Removes makeup without a fuss
Smooth on the skin(I assume because its made for babies, so there are no harmful substances)
Moisturising(which is very rare. Honestly my skin feels less dry as when it did with other brands)
Most importantly, causes no irritation at all to the eyes. Which was my major concern.

I have to admit, it did sting a bit around the eyes the first time I used them, but I think I over rubbed the area back then.

The packing is a weak point. As the glue of the opening dries out when you pull out the wipes. So after sometime the opening sticky part comes off, which dries out the wipes. But I now use a tape to keep it sticking on to the pack. But thats not such a big problem i guess.

Overall I would say This product is a must have. Atleast to me its an essential. My 7 months old nephew and I are big fans of the wipes, and now you know why:)

All that glitter

We see a lot of glitter trend going on today. Theres glitter everywhere I see. But women surely love to carry a bling with them where ever they go:)   From glitter nails, to studded/glitter belts to glitter tops and back pockets, all the way down to those pumps. We surely have been loving the glitter glam. So I decided to use an old pik of my glitter makeup, from the days I was in makeup school.

How to do it- You could mix up loose glitter with aloe-vera gel and put it on the lid.
The other way to do it is to first put shimmer shadow and then swipe off glitter on top. you could use a glitter Eyepencil too. So there you have it. Don't overdo it, because then it spoils the whole look. you want it to be eye catchy not scary!!!  Nude lips go well with the glittery lids.

 Mine is not that great, it was my first try. Just wanted to see what glitter looks like on the lids.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking around

Theres a lot of times that I want to write about a latest trend, or style etc, but don't have anyone to model for me. Lot of times I don't want to put my own picture, probably because I don't have that particular outfit, or the body type to carry a particular dress. What if I don't want to put pictures of hollywood/bollywood actors or super models, because they somehow look so perfect in everything they wear, they are so well maintained, have personal trainers, ace stylists,blah blah:p

 So then what??? I don 't write or should I write without pictures. How very boring!!! I looked around, and have been thinking for a while now about the thought. Taking inspiration from models and fashion designers can be pretty easy, because all they do is-fashion. But taking inspiration from around you can be a tough call. Looking at your aunty getting ready for a wedding might not sound chic, but if you look close you'll definitely find something peculiar in their way to dress. Something that is of their own, not taught to them by a stylist, no grooming. Just pure inner style. These ordinary women around us take pride in dressing up in whatever way, without bothering about the latest trends.
Thats when I realised how many models I have around me, from my cousins to friends to my mother and aunts all the way to my neighbour. And there I have had my first model, who is my friend and a freelance designer. I would describe her style as something which is fresh and ofcourse her own. She knows exactly whats best for her and my favourite part is , she loves experimenting!

 This post is basically about what to wear for a winter wedding, where her dress fitted in perfectly. She’s wearing a backless blouse for a wedding. What I loved about the blouse is that its warm(atleast it looks warm :p) and sexy at the same time. It gives you the feeling of not being too covered up,when your other friends are showing off too much, haha, and  shows off just the right amount of skin needed for a cold December night.Thank you for posing Nidhika!

Colors of India-1

Blogging can be a great way to express yourself, if you a have an acknowledging bunch of readers. Just writing and not interacting with people around you can get morose, because after a while you start feeling left out and alone. So if you're writing for yourself, just to pen down thoughts, then you might as well write a diary, but if the idea behind all this is to tell the world how you feel, what you think, what you like, then you definitely have to take a few steps out to say hi. Im still learning to do that,huh!.. that's some really deep thinking I'm doing there:)

Anyway, today's post is about a picture of a man dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire. He was a performer at a craft exhibition. he was the first guy I spotted as I entered the ground. What caught my eye was his dummy horse, and while he rode it, their attires complimented each other so wonderfully, and it all looked like one. he looked a man with four legs, wearing a long skirt(lol)..  take a look at  this wonderful man, and his gorgeous flashy outfit. Now thats what I love about India.

What we see here is a button down floral shirt with a collar neckpiece- fabulous.
There's more to the Colors of India, as I have decided to start a series on that. These colors are what I take inspiration from to dress everyday, define our mood, help us celebrate. Keep reading!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Making a statement

Making a statement is the motto of the fashion world today. From bold jewellery to eye catchy makeup to whacky prints. More than prints I stick to my mantra of making a statement. And that is with big, bright and bold jewellery. With the changing demands of fashionistas, the market also has a wide range of statement pieces in every price range.
Statement jewellery is by far the easiest way of picking up an outfits look without a hassle. Because there are no rules when it comes to style, you don't really have to worry about how a piece looks on you. Well I wouldn't worry much, if it looks good to the eye. It also spares you from the pain of wearing too much makeup you see, as the statement piece says does all the talking.

A few shots of my collection. A lot is in the box,still.

Also worn here and here and here

Friday, November 16, 2012

Colouring the town this fall

As the winters are approaching fast, its time to re-stock our makeup kits ladies. No more dull and dry winters. Thats a promise I make myself everytime. So here are some pointers for the coming season change. 1. No soap- Pick the right one for your skin type. And avoid soap pls. It dries out your skin, no matter what the tv commercial says about the product, soap for the skin is a total no no. 2. Moisturizer- You get plenty of good ones these days. Just have to be a little carefull on not picking something that is too greasy, because then it happens to attract more dirt to your skin. For me Johnsons baby cream is the safest option. 3. Sunscreen- Do not forget your daily dose of sunscreen. 4. Foundation- For winters I prefer a cream based foundation, That keeps the skin from breaking out and gives a flawless look. 5. Red lipstick- now that you've created a flawless base for yourself, with all the above its time to add some colour this season. Shades of red and mauves are a rage this season. And they are just perfect for the indian skin tone. As much we all love the nude look, This season is all about being bold. Red lips never go out of fashion. And this fall there will be plenty of plum/mauve being seen around. 6. For blush cheeks blush in peach/pink do wonders for the the natural tinge on your cheek bones. 7. The lip balm is a total must have for the winters to keep your lips soft and shining. With all that, its still not the end, any makeup routine is incomplete with the three step daily care- CTM. For removing makeup try Johnsons Baby wipes. They are sooo damn soft and cause no irritation to skin and eyes, what-so-ever. Hope this winter is as cheerful and bright for all you lovely ladies!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Print passion

A pair of printed or brocade pants can be equally flattering as compared to designer pants, that we usually prefer. These pants can be worn with an indian outfit as well with a tunic or top for an indo-western feel. The pants that I'm wearing were originally a part of an indian ensemble, but as you cant wear a heavy embroidered suit everywhere, I used the pants instead for morning to evening wear. See which one you like most! Going shopping with a friend
2. For a lunch date with my love

You can see more Looks HERE

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to..

Wear to loose silhouttes together??/ Thats the question that comes to your mind, and we generally team up one tight piece with the other loose one.. What we forget is that we can easily add shape by either using a belt, a scarf at the waist, or tuck the shirt in one side. The tuck in look got me bored so I decided to keep it comfy with a belt. Also the belt is 3 years old, and this is the innaugral look, it din't look that bad. Also there are florals, top to bottom. I just wanted to try something different with worrying about what anyone else thinks about the outfit. The brown belt with a studded dial easily separated the small and big florals. Works for me!!! a

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Animal motifs

Animal pendants are making way slowly but surely. Animal motifs have been a part of jewelry fashion for sometime now. Turtles, elephants, spiders, butterflies, peacocks, lions, fish owls etc can be seen in all sorts off creative and attractive forms. I purchased these online from They have some pieces.

Animal jewelry is also an instant way to make statement, without burning a hole in the pocket.
You can find them anywhere from the internet to jewelry stores to street bazaars. Available in necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, pick your favourite animal now for an effortlessly chic look for a day out or opt for a bejeweled animal for the special evening. I fell in love with this one the moment I had my eyes on it. This is going to be on top of my list for sometime now.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The convertible skirt

My bags were all packed, and I didn't want to carry too much for the weekend. I decided to carry something that could be worn differently, without having to worry about repetition. I carried my long skirt in pink-peach, and was sorted for the weekend. Its interesting how a skirt can be worn in so many different ways. Just follow your mood and experiment. 1. The most basic way of wearing a long skirt is with a casual tee, perfect for a laid back evening
2. you can wear it as a maxi dress with a denim jacket or a stole. I wore with a grey open jersey.
3. Wear your long skirt with a button down shirt. See here for complete look.
See what works best for you, but remember like I always say- keep experimenting ladies!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flower parade

Being fashionable means being able to combine the right amount of comfort with loads of style. Florals never go out of fashion. And so I decided to add a little bling to to my florals.

I saw this cute manicure on the net, and had to try it. Its super easy, super chic and super quick. Looks tough though! So coming back to florals, this year florals have been seen bold and big. Try big bright florals instead of the small ones.

I decide to do it with my flowy floral palazzo. These wide legged trousers were a saviour for me, when I gained a little weight and couldn't fit into my skinny bottoms. sigh! They come in a wide patterns, but florals being a natural choice, this one got a room in my closet. florals are for all seasons and not can be added not only in form of shirts, cardigans and pants, but are also there on bags, shoes and other accessories. We girls can never get enough of the florals.

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