Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Do the fall Kriti-ve way

'Dilwale' hottie Kriti Sanon sauces up The Juice

Look, look, who is this cover star? Jabong.com magazine The Juice gets the ‘Dilwale’hottie Kriti Sanon for their December cover. While winter is in full bloom, Kriti is scorching the pages of the mag. There is no fault in this rising star, shining bright like a diamond here. The cover shoot showcases hot fall trends. Learn it to do Kriti way!

For the cover, Kriti is wearing a glitzy Topshop dress. One will love the faux fur gilet by Dorothy Perkins on her. It’s quite fall-like and is glamorously sexy. If you are lusting for those boots, let us tell you it’s also from the brand Dorothy Perkins. Here’s a low down on the outfits worn by Kriti that can make you look a style diva.

Don’t miss the sequined pencil skirt worn by the actress with a crop top and Robot bag by Accessorize. If you are big on faux fur then you can try maroon-colored Miss Bennett London crop top too.

Styled by Surbhi Shukla, KritiSanon has worn some interesting winter attires for the shoot. You can take a cue from the actress and can jazz up your wardrobe any day. Splurging on boots and faux fur coats can never be a bad choice.

Besides giving those looks for The Juice December shoot, Kriti Sanon has talked her heart out. She has spoken in length about her switch from engineering to modeling. How tough her days were before she signed her debut film 'Heropanti'. Now she can’t think of quitting acting. “I don’t think I can quit acting. Once you have tasted the high of doing what you love, nothing can compare,” says the actress.

Working with Shahrukh Khan, Kajol and Rohit Shetty was a dream come true moment for her. Kriti Sanon doesn’t want to be a glam doll anymore, she hopes to shock herself with the roles she opts now.

The jamboree gets bigger as the December issue of The Juice also features some interesting party trends for the coming Christmas-New Year season. Also, get to know five different ways to wear red. Want to look fit in four weeks? Fitness expert Ishika Sachdev chalks out a fitness and beauty regime for you.

There is another interesting tete-a-tete in the magazine. Director Quashiq Mukherjee of 'Gandu’ fame talks about his new film 'Ludo'. The subversive director, who believes in shock cinema, wants censorship to have a new approach towards parallel cinema.
You can enjoy the glossy now as you sip a cuppa!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When in Paradise

Vacationing in Kashmir is like a dream come true. Such is the beauty of this place. The trip as short and the pictures crisp. With whatever patience I had while traveling with a 10monthn old, I squeezed in a few shots for the blog. Though the trip was planned way before, the outfits were finalized a night before. My anxiety was high!! First time on my land, my motherland, in 27 years of my good life, the trip had to be perfect. But with the responsibilities of a new mother, time was a big issue. Though nothing seemed enough. The outfits looked dull in those blue mountains, The colors looked faded amidst the greens and flowers made my makeup look stale. I made a fairly good attempt to match the gorgeousness of this place. Because in the end, having a good time is the most important part of a holiday.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Make your own lights

Decorating and lighting up the house for Diwali is a tradition we have been following for years. And what can there be than to decorating with handmade things. Get involved in exciting and easy crafts that you and kids make together, for some extra family and fun time. And see the happiness you offer them when they see their crafts hanging around the house. Plus they'll look forward to such moments all the year round! Here's another DIY for your 'Home Sweet Home'

Things you need
Thermocol cups Acrylic paints, 5mt long light string. thermocol cups, craft cutter

Get Started!

Begin with painting the cups. i chose black to make the light shine brighter

2. Dot the alphabet.

3. Make two small cuts on each side of the alphabet to stick in the wire. this way the cups will fit nicely over the wire.

4. i put two little lights each in every cup.

5. Put the cups together.

The result 

Light up the room

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Shop for crop

Not everyone has the perfect beach body. One must always embrace the way your body looks. One piece of clothing looks different on two people with the same bodytype. Reason being- the confidence with which one carries an outfit makes you stand out. Remember, clothes don't make you look good, you make the clothes look good. The only thing that makes a great outfit is 'Confidence'. Wearing clothes according to your shape and not size is the foremost step towards building confidence.
So this festive season forget the boring churidaars and think crop. Yes, crop tops! Crop tops have been a rage this summer. The wrong notion attached to crop tops is that they are only for the trim girls or the petite body types. I decided to wear mine post pregnancy. And I'll show you how to wear yours too this festive season. Giving a more traditional feel to the crop, here are a few tips yo keep in mind while you decide to dazzle in a cropper for the Diwali party or your best friend's wedding. And believe me, they are for everyone.

Wide  shoulders- women with wide shoulder must go for halter necks. Draw attention towards your neck and away from your shoulders. To enhance the narrow bottom add a flared ghagra(skirt) in  a lighter color.Reference- Kareena Kapoors outfit from 'bole chooriyan of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi ghum'.

Pear shaped- A crop that ends almost 2inches below the braline is the right choice. Thats the slimmest part of the waist. A deep 'v' neck would accentuate your upper half and make your neck appear longer. team up a high waisted lehanga.

Curvy- curvy women must choose longer crops. The top that ends at your natural waist and the lehanga that starts from the natural waist. A saree would also look perfect on this body type.

Petite- the petite can swap the choli with a strappy cropper.

Plus size women can also wear crops. If you're uncomfortable with skin show, a full sleeve crop top is an absolute stunner in that case. Do not shy away from a cropper. A full sleeve crop top is both elegant and right for almost all body types. If you're not sure about a crop. invest in one that goes with several outfits. Crop with gold,details,  nude shades could be a great beginners pick.

Wore the same outfit twice with my bronze crop top with a silk skirt

I'm also wearing my wedding dupatta

Friday, October 30, 2015

Topshop is finally here

You won't believe what I found online!

Online shopping for chronic shopaholics like me happens to be both a treat and necessity. But it becomes a delight raised to power infinity when you get something exclusive, something that you have always yearned for, something that brings back fond memories of your childhood....

Have been a fashion birdie since the history of my existence, my favorite relatives happened to be those who got me nice clothes. A little mean, but predictable. Isn't it? Cherry on the cake was when these and accessories came from uninhibited territories, foreign lands that I only heard of and read about in books. People said fashion there was better, more vibrant, and more thoughtful. I couldn't agree more. I would earnestly wait for someone to bring me these magical pieces from what people called “the land of fashion”. And through the course of my fashion shenanigans, one name that really stuck by me was “Topshop” from the lavish land of London. What I felt was truly divine about Topshop was that it had something new to offer every time. It seemed like, Topshop’s fashion philosophy was ‘global fashion inspired by an eclectic mix of sensibilities for an eclectic mix of people’. And, Topshop’s target customer was just about everyone under the brightly lit sun. 

As I was going through my ritualistic, often unrequired, but fondly loved pastime of browsing through online fashion sites, I came across Topshop clothing at Jabong.com, and my euphoria knew no bounds! I couldn’t wait to shop the whole collection right away! It was nice to see this brand staying true to its form, with Topshop online feeling like the same brand of my childhood dreams even today. I particularly loved the TOPSHOP Woven Aztec Duster Jacket With Belt, and I have already ordered it. Can’t wait to wear it these winters with my black fur boots and patent blue jeans! 

I also quite liked the TOPSHOP Orange Embroidered Eye Purse to keep my vanity items, which are otherwise lying around here and there all the time. And, it seems like the collection of Topshop bags is going to be my solace every time my bag fetish re-emerges. 

In the range of Topshop shoes, I am currently crushing on the fringed stilettoes in blue, the gladiator tie-up black belly shoes, the cleated white sandals, the patent leather boots, and the…Oh my! It seems like my disorder is back. I should probably distract myself now before I go broke. 

But, Topshop, you know my love for you is unconditional and unfazed, don’t you? Love, until next time!
A few favorites from the brand


Thursday, October 29, 2015

One clothing - two ways

A knit dress is a girl's best friend for every occassion irrespective age. From casual to chic to the sexy siren, its been with us in all times throughout the winter. Top if off with a blazer and outrageous stockings with flashy heels for a party or a scarf and kitten heels for a lunch with your girl friends, or knee length boots and a poncho while heading to the departmental store, its the most versatile piece of clothing one can have. So while the spring has set in I decided to wear my versatile piece of winter clothing one last time before I could see it again next fall.
I decided to add a little desi touch to my knit tunic. Taking ispiration from the 90s fashion,
1. I added the dhoti pants in place of narrow bottom salwars. You could add palazzo pants too.
2. loose hair like our very own Madhuri and the gold chain sling. An oversized clutch with hair pulled back if you're planning on a dinner date. A simple braid would also do for that extra girlie touch with minimal makeup for the college crowd.
3.The statement jaipuri necklace was added for a pure traditional touch yet not tossing away style completely,the heels were added. A multistring pearl necklace or a a chunky stone pendant can only be other preferences. Complete it with strappy heels or jodhpuri juttis. What do you think??

Monday, September 28, 2015

Perky maxi

Clothes that you don't wear anymore, clothes that don't fit you anymore are great palettes for creating something new. You could try DIYs on them and if it doesn't turn out good, then it doesn't even hurt too much. Every once in a while I refurbish one of my old clothes, that can't be altered according to my current size, or are plain and boring. that ways you add a fresh piece to your wardrobe without investing too much, and a piece thats your own creation. Sound good! So I pulled out an old maxi skirt to add some Gulaabi Girl touches.

Things you'll need

 Creating your own motif/stamp
Befor doing the stamping, I tried searching for options for making a stamp. You could use felt to make your own stamp. I used waste eraser. Cut out a heart using a scissor and put a nail thorugh it for some grip. This is not the most efficient way to do it, because the nail might give you a very good grip. But I had no time to go to the market and so the rubber and nail.

Start painting 

Using a brush apply fabric paint on the rubber, a decent amount. rubber will not absorb the paint, and so might not give a good impression, so avoid using water to make the paint runny. 

I stamped the hearts all over, and filled them with paint free hand. Separate the two layers of clothing with a newspaper to avoid blotting.

How I wore it
I wore the maxi skirt like a tube maxi and layered a sheer floral button down for a breezy day.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Parineeti and her new Avatar

The coveted actress coming from Chopra clan is ready to flabbergast everyone with her new found style. Shammed for her flabby body several times, Parineeti never cared about her looks. She never really wanted to do anything with the films and called Bollywood "flimsy world", but maybe she never realized her talent until she stepped into lime light. Celebrated for her performance right from the beginning as debutante, Parineeti always preached girls for loving and adoring their body. 

Sizzling the cover of the Juice Magazine, Parineeti talks about her humble background, her love for family and her new house, a sprawling and spanking sea facing apartment in Bandra, which she fascinatingly calls her fairytale home.The actress has created her entire career without any support from anyone under the guidance of her sister, Priyanka Chopra. 

The Juice Magazine, has explored the new side of the lovely actress who loves to eat and had a career in investment banking before shining as the Bollywood star. Her looks in the magazine are one in a million with a never before look.

"For a while I was on every "Worst Dressed" list out there. I was fat and I would not get access to the best clothes". Although the actress loves food but has been working really hard for getting into shape. She sculpted her "better body" with strict diet regimen and Kalaripayattu, a martial arts form from Kerala. Parineeti also invested time in learning about working with layers and silhouettes, which contributed big time in transforming her style.

Fashion and style are learnt from experience. Anyone who claims for not being a fashionable person can take inspiration from Parineeti. Its not about sweating out in the gym for fitting into size zero but doing things that one likes and eating just right. If you are finding it hard to fit into your old college jeans, take inspiration from her.

With her new look and new found love for fashion and being choosy about scripts, I bet 2016 has something great for her in stock.

Author Bio: Minakshi Pharswal is a blogger working with one of India's leading online fashion destination. Being a part of the Fashion Industry, she live to write about travel tips, fashion and beauty trends. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happy Memories-DIY

Sprucing up old things has always been my favourite sport. And when DIYs are this simple then you could take a chance too. Do this while watching tv or even on the toilet seat😉
Things you need
A photo frame
Sticker bindi

Stick the bindis in the pattern you want, and ta-da, mommy's birthday present or the corner table decoration will make everyone smile. Even the kids could do it!

I used my grandmother's and mom's old picture. A rather gorgeous way of keeping memories alive.

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