Tuesday, August 28, 2012

All peaches

Im so in love with this color, that I just can't get enough of it. Its amazing how this lights up my face, and is perfect for all skin tones.Looking at this color I hate to say ba-bye to summers. This is how wore my peach dress.

Minimal but striking- following the rule the leaf earings and the ring added just the right color that I needed.

PS: Keep makeup minimal and in subtle tones of peach/peachy pink to avoid overdoing.

Photo courtesy: Karan Claire

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Heres an easy DIY tee and a necklace. A simple chain with glass rings can make a pretty funky necklace to jazz up an otherwise casual look. Try it!
Rings can be seen here also.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Electric pop

The color of the decade, electric blue, also known as cobalt or royal blue is my pick today. This has been my favourite for years now. The colour made a comeback last fall and has been on the streets, in the club, on the big screen, the red carpet for since. Its practically everywhere. Its one of the big trends in fall fashion. Here are a few tips on how to do the look.

1. The name says it all- 'Electric'. Add the high volt touch to a look by just a pop of the mesmerizing shade.It looks great teamed with the earthy tones of the color palette. Thats how I decided to do it. Take a look

The indian way of wearing the color.

2. But that doesn't limit its use to there itself. You can wear it neon, silver/gold and pastels too.

3. The right amount can do wonders. Looks great on all skin tones.

4. Do not overdo the color. Add a perfect bag or pair of heels in cobalt blue, or paint your nails for the pop of colour. Accessorizing is a must. And with accessory lets not forget rhinestone hair pins which look great for an evening.

5. Lastly for the daring ones in the bunch, try a eye shadow or eye pencil in the electric color. Absolutely stunning way of wearing the shade.

So what do you think??

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slim Chic

Our acquaintance with the slim skirts can be dated back to the 40s. This piece of western clothing was an essential part of the then ladies' wardrobe and is fast becoming a wardrobe essential today. Fashion set forth by Christian Dior, these pencil skirts can be worn both formally and casually. What makes them a hit this season is that this stylish silhouette can be teamed very easily for any occasion. They can be carried off with a shirt or even a tee with equal grace. So, show off your curves in these uber sexy retro skirts. Here are a few looks you can follow to begin with.

TIPS: Choose the right skirt for you. Know your body shape first.

1. Straight body/ No curves: girls withe lesser curves must pick bolder patterns to add curves to your body type. Accessorize with belts.
2. Hour-glass :If you're upper and lower body are more or less same avoid high waisted skirts, as they can make the torso look shortter, and also draw attention to the chest. Also avoid materials that hug the body tight.
3. Fuller thighs and hips : avoid heavier materials like brocade and tweed. Choose lighter materials like cottons and lightweight wool.
4. Stomach of: layering can avoid the undue attention to the stomach. Use a jacket/coat to cover it up.

Lets take a look at how some celebs wore their slim skirts:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The girl in red boots

I love this picture from Manali trip. This girl was a source of all cuteness on the street that evening. I loved her red boots. Stylish, aren't they? We all can sure take some inspiration from this little one to add statement to our outfit effortlessly. The pictures are blur, because she kept moving throughout and din't stand still. A confident poser indeed, look how she does it.

TIP: Red boots/ heels are a must have in every girl's wardrobe. And even the men can add color with a pair of red loafers. It is a bold choice but a sexy one for undoubtedly.

So, keep posing ladies:D

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


We all love mixing prints in one way or the other. For a casual day out try this- A cartoon tee with a floral layer. A simple way to step out.
1. Keep the look minimal yet trendy, adding one piece of jewellery that stands out. wearing too much can create confusion.
2. What you wear at the bottom is completely your choice, depending on the event. I wore a pair of comfy ankle length pjs, and to save freshly pedicured feet wore crocs. I love my crocs and slip them on whenever and wherever!

P.S keep a color in your outfit that pops out instantly. It can be done with your jewellery, shoes or a belt or bag. The choice is yours. I used my glass rings to grab attention. They were bright and beautiful. Though they aren't that clear in the piks as I ahd to take my own piks.

So keep mixing ladies:D:D

Monday, August 6, 2012

Crop It

The cropped jacket has been around for a while now. And this year I'm totally inspired to incorporate this stylish eye catcher to one Indian ensemble atleast. Last year Lakme Fashion Week photos saw the cropped jacket a lot, and this year too it scored a place on the ramp. Ideal for women who are heavier on the bottom, they add curves just at the right place. But remember fashion has no rules and no bounds. Do not limit yourself to fashion blogs and market trends. Experiment with yourself and see what works out best for you. You might get it wrong the first three times, but you sure will get it right one day. Here are a few ways you can wear a cropped jacket the Indian way.

1. First look can be done with a lehanga. In place of a choli try adding a cropped embroidered jacket. If the lehanga is too heavy, keep it the jacket simple though elegant.

2. A sophisticated churidar, can easily be transformed into a party wear by an embellished piece layered on top. Choose something in contrast to the outfit color to make it stand out.

3. This next look is something you can wear to a date, as well as a friends Sangeet. For a date, you ofcourse would want something trendy and not too loud, pick a cotton or Georgette outfit and layer it with a jodhpuri printed/checkered jacket to look chic. Try matching your accessories to your jacket or probably your nail color.

For a sangeet, you can add a mirror work jacket or a sequinned one too for the right doze of bling. The same look can be done with dhoti pants as well as our very own palazzo pants.

4. For a trendy yet youthful look wear a rajasthani cropped jacket with a short dress, or a maxi dress. A glamorous look can also be completed with the cropped jacket.

5. And here comes the last look, but not the least. Don't throw away that traditional saree or a sheer chandheri, till the fashion gods rule this earth.lol. You can also use your wedding saree. Team it with a modern yet classy zari work jacket. If you're not a very bling person then your can even wear a brocade jacket. Simple and sassy!

a) mix and match. try to pair contrasts
b)keep jewellery /makeup minimal
c)pick a saree that's not too heavy, to avoid over doing the look

a) don't be shy,and pick bold colors and prints
b)invest in a poor quality jacket material

And like I say,'Its not the dress that makes you look beautiful, but its YOU who brings it out of the closet, flaunts it and gets it noticed'

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Urban Touch

I had read great reviews about Urban Touch, so had to see it for myself. I placed the order last thursady. They said I would receive the package by next thursday, but I recieved it today. Within 3 days of my order! Can you believe it. I loved the packing. The stuff was organized in different boxes and was secured with several layers of thermocol. which you very rarely see.

My stuff was in great condition, which is very obvious. I have to add it looked exactly same as on the net. I would recommend this site to everyone. It has a wide range of products and I simply love its jewellery. Without having to step out I got an amazing deal, and don't feel cheated at all(which is a fear of many).

Its a reliable gifting option too, because the packing is such that you don't have to worry about damages or sending poor quality material to someone else. So if you away from home and it's Mothers Day, worry not ladies order on UrbanTouch and surprise your mommy!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Looks free to me

I went shopping for rakhis yesterday, and guess what? I found these stalls of rakhis in the bazaar near Goregaon station. Beautiful kundan designs, neat craftsmenship, adorable patterns.

I remember back in chandigarh you would get these for 60-70 bucks each. And as unbelievable as it may sound, I got these for 2-5 bucks single piece. I couldn't stop but buy 35 of these. lol. Sounds crazy! I don't know, what Im going to do to with soo many, but a true punjabi wont let a great deal slip out of her hands, no matter what:D:D

It makes my day when pretty things come at such cheap prices. Feels like someone just gave them away to me for free. I sure am the happiest sister.

Hope you all had a amazing rakhdi(as we call it back in Punjab) and got fabulous presents and loads of laughter today.. So Keep smiling ladiess!!!!
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