Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Strong and Long

Have you dreamt of shiny long tresses flowing with the wind ? Well I have and imagined myself to be the center of attention on a beach. I was blessed with naturally thick bouncy hair. But if you get careless with God’s gifts they lose its grace. As a kid I hated my long pony tails. I was in 1st grade when my dad’s friend commented on how cool I would look if I cut my hair short. I cried the whole night and finally convinced my mum to get a short bob. Ever since the I have been experimenting with all sorts of hair styles and not forgetting my blonde hair look. huh!! But soon I realized that whatever you have natural looks best on you. So then I started concentrating on growing my hair, and guess what??   It wouldn't grow. Then came in the home made remedies, the tricks, the hair spas, the massages to boost hair growth. So on a friend’s request I'm doing this post where I'm sharing just a few things I have tried on myself for a few years now.

       1.   Vitamin E oil- This is said to be great for hair and skin both. gives lots of luster and boosts growth. So every time I oiled my hair I squeezed one gel tablet of vitamin in 2 tbspoons of olive oil. You could mix vitamin E oil in almond oil too. And apply on scalp. Don’t forget the hot towel after the massage. It definitely works as it opens the pores of the scalp and lets oil penetrate. This is a routine I follow every time I wash my hair till date. Its fuss free and beneficial.


       2.    Onions- In 12th grade someone told me or I read somewhere that onion juice is great for hair growth. So there I was grating onions every 3rd day. Squeeze out the juice and apply for 15-20 mins.. wash off. You could do this once a week.  Though I don’t quite remember the effects because I was soo desperate for long hair that I was trying too many remedies together.



3 .  Castor oil- Yeah, a friend told me about it.  Its quite funny how young girls would do anything for  beauty and not think twice. I applied the oil directly, and gosh, Don’t do that! though if you apply castor oil directly it has more benefits, but do it if you have about 2 hours for the shower. This greasy thing wouldn't leave my hair alone. So the next time I mixed it in almond oil and then applied it. You could keep it overnight for better results. And castor oil is food for longer lashes and thicker eyebrows too.

2010 Feb

 4.   Eggs- Now we all know the benefits of eggs for hair long lustrous hair. As for the non vegetarians I would say instead egg masks, incorporate eggs in your diet and pick one of the above remedies.  But for the vegetarians mix 2 egg yolks with 2 tbspoon of olive oil and and dilute in half cup water. Apply the paste and massage on scalp for 20 mins and wash off.   Or mix 1 egg-white mix 1 teaspoon olive oil and little honey. apply and leave for half an hour. Egg is and excellent conditioner so this paste could be used twice a month.

2010 August

    5.  Bananas- Now this one was one big mission. I'm laughing while writing this.. The right way to do it is mash a banana, pick a really soft one. Apply the paste. You could beat a banana with little bit of honey for a nice thick paste. Now you have to mash the bananas really nice so that it comes off easily. I was soo thrilled to know about this remedy that I quickly mashed a  banana and applied the paste. I left chunks in between that took me almost the entire afternoon. After the first three washes. I came out dried my hair to see what was left over. Had 2 more quick washes and it sought of came out. I would say 90%, not all.  It was grose. The odor killed me. So I never tried it again. To avoid passing out because of the odor you could use a shower cap to cover up. But this thing makes your hair so soft and shiny you wouldn't believe it.

 6..  Fenugreek seeds(methre) – This one is my maid's remedy. You warm oil in a pan and add fenugreek seeds. But I used mustard oil. hahaha and again the 5 wash ceremony. You could use almond oil. But I would say mix a little bit of olive oil also . After all hot oil treatment is known for its benefits. I recommend this one once in 15 days.


  7.   Henna- When my grandma saw all this effort and like she always loved my long tresses she told me her secret. Mix 2 tbspoon heena with curd. make a creamy paste and apply it for 45 mins. Now we all know how good a conditioner henna is. But I personally find this a very messy affair. I can't lie, the effects were amazing in terms of luster and softness. But I didn't do it for too long to see if it made hair grow faster.  though as a conditioner it does wonders. But Indian women swear by this remedy.


.        8.   Amla(gooseberry)- My mother always talked about the benefits of amla and shikakai and triphla for healthier hair. But I never really tried this one. But if you see my mother’s hair then you can't overlook this one. You could mix amla powder with 2 teaspoon lemon juice . Apply on scalp and wash after 45 mins. This is another Indian favourite and I have heard a lot about it.

Some tips to keep in mind:
1. Use a good brush to brush hair. Don't brush your hair too much, as I have seen girls playing with their hair all the time. It only leads to breakage. You lose a lot of hair if you flip around too much or mismanage your hair.  I personally brush 3-4 times a day, and never forget to brush before I go to sleep. Brushing has the same benefits of oiling. It stimulates the oil-produces glands. Its the lack of natural oil of the hair that makes the hair brittle. The night routine is to bend over and brish all through the nape till the ends of the hair. This boosts blood flow to the head.

2.Wash regularly and keep it clean. Wash with luke warm water. Don't overwash your hair till its squeaky clean. It washes off the essential oils. 2washes every third day is just right to keep hair healthy and lustrous unless you have a very oily scalp. An oily scalp needs to be taken more care of.

3. Avoid blowdrying/curling irons as much as you can.

4. A healthy lifestyle is most important factor. All the external measures do help only if you have a balanced healthy diet. 80%  depends on the diet .  Proteins and iron is very essential for hair growth.  Include eggs, fish, lentils, carrots, beans, spinach and seasonal fruits.  If you lack the time to closely monitor your diet then you could also take vitamin A, C and E supplements and folic acid pills to strengthens your hair.  Folic acid is Vitamin B. It is recommended to women at the time of pregnancy to avoid birth defects. . But you could take these before that too. I do!

Any personal experiences are totally welcome. 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Beyond Spirit Fesival

I'm not sure how many of you have heard about the beautiful Kasol, popularly known as the Parvati Valley. Its a small village in Himachal Pradesh, which goes unnoticed while we head to Manikaran Sahab. Predominantly known for its hippies and local hasish, Its a place you would want to be this summer. The valley's festival season has started and after a long wait we finally have a chance to act crazy with everyone else. The last time we made a trip was in winters when the hippie population is hibernating. But the place looked charming and peaceful and my husband and I couldn't get over the Parvati Valley for long. All I'm excited about is the maddening music and my outfit posts in the gorgeous valley. Take a look how charming Manali looks in fall.

The Creative side -effects of the Local hashish

My staple diet to my begin my day-Nutella pancaked wity black coffee

In the fall

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Put your money where your heart is

Have you ever thought how your accessories can sometimes do the magic to the outfit you want? How just a bag brightly coordinates the entire outfit. Well, its 2013 and you can expect all unexpected from fashion. Box clutches to graphic prints to studded bags. They can make you drool over. I happened to find such bags lately. I hovered over to a website and saw these cute little pieces, hard to ignore. Its like putting your money where your heart is. I put on polka dot maxi with my DIY ballerinas, and let the bag hold everything else for me- eyeballs too!
You can DIY here
You can find these jute, flex and canvas bags on, and Myntra

Polka dot maxi(stitched myself)

Flex bag from House of Tara

Date with my husband after 6 months:D

How my shoes look in the night

Monday, April 29, 2013

LWD- No fuss affair

From the cutie-next-door to the glam doll, a LWD is a the covetable fashion item. From breakfast party to strolling on the beach to shaking your booty in the club, you don't have to worry too much when you have this baby in your possession. With endless styling possibilities, this was a perfect choice for lunch with my cousins.
I have worn this before for a dinner. You could see look HERE

Look 2

Throw a printed shirt over,secure it with a belt also adding a pop of color with the same. A cutesy hair clip adds that little teen flavor needed for a bunch of pretty girls to get noticed.

Lips- Colorbar Thrilling Pink-61p
Nails- Avon Tangestic

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

East meets West

We all have been inspired by our grandmothers at some point in life, so no matter how many trends we follow, how short we go on the LBDs, Indian girls can never get rid of their fusion streak. We all love mixing. Following trends while adding a little bit of Indianness to the outfit can very unique and refreshing at the same time. Western stylish teamed with Indian fabrics and colors is not only innovative and interesting but also flatters the Indian body type and complexion too well.

How to do it your way-

1. The Dupatta(drape)- You could use your dupatta or your mother's old dupatta as a scarf around the neck on a dress or tee to add the Indian touch.

2. Indian fabrics-  Mixing Indian fabric with western designs is the basic key to the Indo-western look. Wear brocade pants instead of churidaars with your kurta/kameez or even a LBD/LWD. See Outfit Here

3. Printed pants/salwars- Bright colorful prints are a trademark of our culture, and so you can't get an Indo-western outfit right without it. A pair of printed pants worn with a tunic would look just right, or a salwar worn with an overized shirt/button down shirt can be uber cool.  

4. Beaded clutches- Clutches and bags with thread work/bead work , Indian motifs are a fabulous way to throw in some ethnicity to the outfit.

5. Jewellery- Bold ethnic pieces, multistring beaded necklaces, Kadas with the intricate Indian work, jhumkis, anklets, statement stone rings are all ways to grabbing eyesballs. You could also wear glass bangles with an outfit for a flashing Indian touch. Ethnic jewellery with a gown, for eg wearing kundan with a silk gown for a cocktail party can be quite a stunner. See Outfit Here

6. Jodhpuris/ mojris- Embroidered mojris can add crucial finishing touches to a western outfit and add can also make a great Indo-western outfit. Wearing mojris with a tunic/maxi or Rajasthani chappals with denim shorts can be a few options. See Outfit Here

7. Embroidered jackets- Jackets with Indian motifs or patch work can look chic for running errands or going for dinner to a fancy place. You could experiment with the length for several occasions. Like a patched/mirror work silk jacket can be a good choice to funk and ethnic touches to a basic white shirt-blue denim combo, cropped brocade jacket over a maxi can look sassy for a dinner date, while a zari jacket over a lehanga can look equally flamboyant.

8. Corsets- When we talk of western designs corsets cannot be missed. Halters, strappy garments and tube necklines  in Indian suits and  blouses/cholis are a hit with designers for the classy brides.
 Go ahead and have a colorful Indian summer:)

Im wearing a poppy top with stone-work long skirt with Gold cuff

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Neon DIY shoes

Are you thinking of throwing away an old pair of shoes?? well, think again. If you're a creative person like me, and like to customize your own stuff, you will surely love this. I saw a picture of these button DIY shoes somewhere on google, and that very moment I knew what I wanted to do with my old pair of off white ballerina. I chose neon and Aquamarine crystals to give a neon shiny effect to the shoes for this summer. 

What you will need:
1. fabric glue(if you're shoes are of fabric)
2. Some flat back crystals( so that they stick easily) You could use buttons, stones or whatever stuff you like for decorating.

This was an easy DIY as the crystals got stuck easily, and I didn't have to do much work. But yes if you're thinking of re-doing your faux-leather shoes then you will have to find the right glue to work with. Anyways mine were fabric so I didn't have to worry about it too much:)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Colour Blocked

Last season we saw a lot of color-blocking and I'm glad its here to stay this season also. Its a trend I love watching most, with so many options to explore. We see to many odd and new color coded outfits, which is the beauty of this trend. The working lady to the party animal, all have their own take on this trend. You can look sophisticated to casual to chic with this trend.  An interesting part of this trend is it slims you down if you wear it right. This could never be done before so easily! I'll be using this outfit for a contest on StylePile. You could see my entries here and here vote for me!

1. To begin with you could use one bright hue with a light hue.
2.Always keep a neutral or earthy color if the other two colors are bright.
3. You could mix in patterns if you like.
4. Neons can make the look bolder than the average.
5. With black being a covetable fashion item, busrts of colors with it can look crisp and trendy.
6. Always use darkers shades on the problem areas(dark bottom for the pear shaped, darker tops for apple shaped)
7. Color blocking with jewellery has become more and more of a fashion staple.
8. Pick a color blocked dress instead, if you can't figure out how and what!!
9. Do not mix more than 4 colors in one outfit. Can create a lot of confusion. I think three colors create the best color blocked look.
10. Experiment with combinations you would otherwise never dare to put together.
11. The daring ones can pick up one color in different tones, and wear them all together. Keep shoes neutral.

This post is special because I'm wearing my DIY collar here. With everyone making theses, I had to make one for myself.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

80s+90s= 2013 Hippie

When I think 80s, I think stone washed denims, jheri curls, animal prints, neons, mini skirts, high waisted pants, wayfarers, shoulderpads, lace dresses. When I think 90s, I think Bright and Bold. Though the 90s saw some trends taken in from the 80s like the denim jackets, acid wash denims, lace dresses and neons, big hair, 90s was the revival of the hippies.  With the bold prints, statement jewellery, big florals. the grunge style with the boots, the baggy trousers, the palazzo pants, drop-crotch pants and oversized shirts, their was the 'Turtle Neck' or also commonly known as the polo neck . While it was mostly associated with the soldiers, some women weren't afraid to make it their own.. Making a comeback from the 60s, I thought I'd give this classic a try for very obvious reasons- its comfortable, flattering and versatile. Mixing the pants with neons and raybans from the 80s and statement jewellery and turtleneck form the 90s, I tried creating a chic hippie look. What do you think??

How you could style your turtleneck-
1. The pear/petite shaped  can wear the turtle neck with skinny jeans as it defines the body type perfectly. You could also wear it with a pleated calf length skirt . A statement necklace completes the look and give that womanly edge to the otherwise masculine style. For the extra dose of sensuality turtleneck dresses can be a fabulous choice, with smoking heels and a gorgeous sequined clutch.

2. Though its suggested that the apple/hourglass shaped should avoid this neckline as it can make their upper half look bigger, I would say don't hesitate to experiment ladies. Try wearing your blouse with wide legged pants/palazzo for a cool casual look. For work you could offset your basic bottoms with a tailored turtle half sleeve. You could also pair it up with an A-line knee length skirt and blocked heels. Finish with a pendant necklace, as it draws attention from the bust, and makes the torso look longer. Wearing chunky neckpieces could do just the opposite for this body type. So stick to sleeker designs.
The hourglass shaped can add a belt around the stomach to draw attention to the waist line. Avoid belt right under the bust, as it could make your bust visually bigger.

3. The best way to wear your hair is tied back, adding dangling earrings if you have a round face(can make your face visually longer), and big hoops if you have  a long face.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not very monochrome

I always feel I can't get monochrome right ever, because I cant avoid color at all times. This is an old outfit that I was saving for later. What I like about the picture is the backdrop. Its taken near a construction site with a freshly painted wall. The wall looked good enough for this outfit. Like you all well by now that even if I go monochrome, I cannot be totally one color. Hence the pop of color, which is a very quintessential part of my outfits. The multi-string pearls add that little touch of sophistication to the whole outfit.

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