Sunday, April 23, 2017

Shifting base

While moving to Canada from India, I got a lot of expert advice. So many mixed reviews and opinions and emotions. What I must take and what I must leave behind. What I must let go and what I must just totally forget about.  But even experts can also go wrong.  Even after the loads of advice there will be mistakes.
- Do your research well and compare prices and check for availability.

- Things like indian wear and junk jewelry are items that have a huge margin.  Cotton kurtis and sleepwear can be carried from India. Though you can find everything in Canada, do not expect Sarojini Nagar prices.  I'm glad I bought almost all my jewelry and compromised on other things.

- Forget any winter wear you have, because you will find the best deals in Canada itself .

               Below I'm wearing my multi colored
                  beaded silver statement necklace
     Jacket -Gap( bought on sale)
     Shoes -Aldo (on sale)
    fleece  Leggings - Dollarama
   Total- CAD $140


Monday, March 20, 2017

Oversized sweater and boho accents

My blog has mostly had spring/ summer looks, because of the geography of the cities I lived in. So finally I'm having total fun in one of the coldest counries of the world. But fortunately these winters have not been harsh and so I haven't been able to explore the art of layering much this season as well.

Now that winter is almost gone, I'm thinking the chunky knits  layered with fur jackets and gorgeous mufflers and the woolen caps, all still look like a distant dream. Looking forward to summer now!

                  Here I wore and Oversized knit
                    with some  boho jewelry and
                                 pops of pink          

Monday, February 27, 2017

On the run

After three months of Canadian winter and a few snowfalls, I finally feel in place. Still struggling with time management,  my outfits are just last minute choices. Taking care of a toddler alone leaves you exhausted and feeling dull. A cozy sofa and coffee are all I think about after the house chores. What I need is to give myself sometime, to get dressed with utmost satisfaction and pamper myself once a while. But it will be a lie if I say I don't get my alone moments at all. A supportive husband who is as hyperactive as my kid, lets me have some quiet time everyonce a while.  Another three months and I'll be doing it like a pro. But for now I'm loving the last minute mismatched outfits. Everything has its own place and fun.

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