Thursday, July 31, 2014

Bit of Neon

Neons are a sure way of adding zing to any outfit. Neon has made way from western clothing to accessories to even Indian silhouette. So be sure you could never go wrong with the hint of neon whether going for a movie or even to the club. Some cool ways of sporting neon without overdoing it.

1. Accessories in neon is plenty but be careful while picking one for you. It doesn't have to be big to make a statement. The color and size should be enough for you carry it with confidence. A fancy neon necklace over a gorgeous dress could be an eye catcher.

2. Neon bags are as girly and colorful as we would all like it to be. Beiges and pastel oufits can be perfect base for a neon sling. Perfect blend casual cool with modern chic. Another way for instance could be neon clutch with your LBD for evening wear. Classy!

3. Neon color for makeup can be a great idea too. Find colors that work for you best and flaunt them.  Now who doesn't love a hot pink pout for a flirtatious night. Wear it over a saree or for a fashion event, and your could never be wrong. Electric blues and tang oranges are other amazing options.

4.Pop of neon with a monotone outfit is a sure thing. Neon on your digits is super stylish. I chose neon glasses while heading to the beach.

5.. For the daring ones, neon jackets can be a great way of stepping out. Bold neon prints also show off your bolder side. See pictures here

6. Keep a pair of neon pants/tights handy while going for a vacation. It fixes all your worries.

7. Neons for office wear also work well. Pairing a tailored neon blouse under your office coat or white pants would do jusst fine.

8. And last but not the least- neon shoes. Neon shoes are a must-have. These can up the outfit without pain. See pictures here
For your very own quick neon shoes see DIY here

This is how I wore my neon last this time. Prints with a bit of neon.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Not all Glam

What to wear for dinner that's not too dressy but doesn't look straight out of work too?
1. Pick your pants in stunning color.
2. A printed shirt would be a good choice.
3. Dazzling chandelier earrings and a gorgeous clutch would add just the glamour needed.
4. Finish off with a side ponytail and smokey eyes.

A basic outfit could be made perfect for evening with just that one statement piece, and it could be worn anywhere from head to toe. A statement piece not necessarily has to be bold jewelry or big bags. You could draw attention with your bold pout, or even a nice hairdo..

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Take me away

Stripes look wonderful in all seasons. As for the rainy days in Mumbai, I picked a light striped knit for a roof top lunch.   As for the white tights, should be avoided I the rains, but if you're staying indoors for an event that white can be the perfect for a romantic outing.



White sandals
$50 -

Quay silver glasses

Sun care

#MyVegasStyle- Discotheque

For the Night I picked these fabulous printed shorts keeping accessories minimal. The metallic sweater was a perfect match for the shorts. A fun and flirty night calls for some sassy shorts and I'm glad I found mine:)

#MyVegasStyle- Discotheque

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