Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Looking Around-2

What is personal style?? I think its something that defines who you are. for example- Some like wearing black with white to keep it simple, others prefer an all black outfit for making a statement and yet some like me would opt for black with a louder color like yellow or hot pink. So that pretty much says it all, I guess. That's the motivation behind this series of posts- Looking Around. I believe its only our choices that make us who we are and sets that first impression on people. There is nothing like good dressing sense or bad. Its just confidence or no confidence. So if you wrap a stole around the neck with confidence, you could make a statement like Isla Fisher of the Confessions of a Shopaholic, and get noticed as the 'girl in the green scarf'. Enough talking, lets see who is next on my list of stylish women.

I went to Pune last month and decided to do a feature my sister. She's a kind of person who doesn't experiment too much, and if she does, then she needs constant reassurance about how she looks. But once she's sure you'll see that:)  She's stopped wearing western clothing a long time back, even longer than I can remember to cover her weight gain. Our society is such that if you gain weight, and experiment too much, you're seen as someone who is bold and wants to get noticed, which is not very in your favour a lot of times. So the choice of clothing happens in direction of heaps of clothing on your body, which only means hiding. But even with that I think my sister works it quite well. Her style is very casual. I remember her picking up stuff that I couldn't even look at but she loved, only because it was comfortable and far from getting noticed too much.

 She's on my list of stylish women, because she is an example of a plus size woman, who manages to look good all times, no matter what she wears. Her secret to looking good I think is not only that pinch of confidence, but also that smile that she wears all the time. A beautiful face with a gorgeous smile is sometimes all you need to wear for a  party, and the rest just walks along.

For the shoot we chose a crisp mint green cotton salwar suit, with a chandheri dupatta. For a brand new mom and a busy tschool teacher, the bold lines of the chandheri and the mint green statement ring adds the edge needed for a casual day outfit like this one. And not forgetting the 'smile'.

The bottom line- Confidence+gorgeous smile= fabulous outfit!!


  1. Very nice pics and make up,. Have a great day.


  2. Woo ur sister looks great thanks to u! she has pretty eyes :)

    xoxo darling


  3. I love the minty green! So pretty :)

  4. Thanks for the follow and comment! I'm following you back! Give me a shout out when you're in Pune next :)

  5. i totally agree that personal style can define you. and i love fashion because it can help you transform depending on your mood!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Your sister is so pretty! Love the green kurta and the ring.

    I am following you. Would love it if you visit and follow back at:

  7. I love this post..i am so nostalgic..i remember my college days when i was obese n used to wear only salwar kameez.
    Ur sister is really beautiful..


  8. You and your sis are so alike! :)


  9. Your sister looks great. . She is beautiful . . . Even i m overweight and i have left everything so that people dont notice me . . But you are my inspiration . . . It doesn't matter now what people say i m going to wear wat i want. . Wat i love . . . . Thank u so much dear. . .


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