Saturday, August 18, 2012

Slim Chic

Our acquaintance with the slim skirts can be dated back to the 40s. This piece of western clothing was an essential part of the then ladies' wardrobe and is fast becoming a wardrobe essential today. Fashion set forth by Christian Dior, these pencil skirts can be worn both formally and casually. What makes them a hit this season is that this stylish silhouette can be teamed very easily for any occasion. They can be carried off with a shirt or even a tee with equal grace. So, show off your curves in these uber sexy retro skirts. Here are a few looks you can follow to begin with.

TIPS: Choose the right skirt for you. Know your body shape first.

1. Straight body/ No curves: girls withe lesser curves must pick bolder patterns to add curves to your body type. Accessorize with belts.
2. Hour-glass :If you're upper and lower body are more or less same avoid high waisted skirts, as they can make the torso look shortter, and also draw attention to the chest. Also avoid materials that hug the body tight.
3. Fuller thighs and hips : avoid heavier materials like brocade and tweed. Choose lighter materials like cottons and lightweight wool.
4. Stomach of: layering can avoid the undue attention to the stomach. Use a jacket/coat to cover it up.

Lets take a look at how some celebs wore their slim skirts:

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