Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cover it up for the summer

Layering in summers looked like an impossible thing to me before I took to blogging and discovered the many new options. Its then that I realized that layering was not only for winters but for summers too and have been playing around with outfits. And I mean not only the colder summer days, but even the hottest of days.
For the ones who think like the old me, I wanted to write this post for you. With all the experimenting and trying new things and the DIYs, here's another new wardrobe essential you must get used to, for your own benefit.

When we think layering, we think coats, jackets and blazers. But I will talk about the other layering options that you could create yourself, and lies there in your wardrobe.

1. The Button-down shirt:   This is the most versatile piece of clothing a woman ought to have more of in their almirahs. A great office to casual wear. And also a layer you could add over a tube maxi dress. Secured with a belt, its flattering to the body and you could carry it around anywhere. Save the skin from the sun too while on the beach or out shopping on the streets. When it gets too hot unbutton to show off the tank. No worries at all!

2. The Tee- Everyone has a dozen of these. Feeling shy to wear the strappy dress to your uncle's place, layer it over a contrast tee, and the awkwardness is all gone.

3. The vest-  Tube vests or lace under-shirt are perfect layers to add under a blazer, tailored jacket or even a LBD to add length. The light fabric of the vest lets you breath in the humid weather.

4. Crop top- When the crop loses its charm after you have worn it  a couple of times, or its hidden underneath somewhere after you gained a little on the midriff, try layering it over  a button down for a night out. Gives a perfect tailored fit and keeps the oopmh factor . or wear it over a striped vest. Just right for the movie, isn't it?

5. Sheer tops- Instead of wearing the sheer top overa boring vest, wear the sheer over a maxi dress, or wear a maxi skiet as a drss and cover it up with a sheer top. Adds to the fun element. Being light and airy they are a perfect layering option for the hot days that covers up but also keeps it airy with adequate skin show.

6. Lace dress- Does that lace short dress seem to short now. With all the tee and tops your dresses could also work as layers if you think out of the box.Wear that too short black dress with a lace long under-shirt. The lace vest lets you breathe in the humid weather and also adds length to the dress. Add length with a pair of denim shorts or even cotton shorts. Now that's some cute flawless layering without much effort.

7. Tailored coats- The fitted coats and tailored vests are a great work wear option and look equally chic outside work too.The jaipuri vest over a kurta adds color, and the same time lets ayou take a day off from the boring dupatta.
While layering covers up for colder summer days and cover up for the extra skin show, they also correct flaws and accentuate the body type if worn right.

1. A nice short sequinned jacket is definitely a sassy party wear option, a jacket with shoulder pads adds volume to the upper half for the pear shaped and petite women.

2. While a button down saves you from the sun, when worn with a belt accentuates the hourglass sensually.

3. A tailored vest flatters the apple body and creates more work wear options.

4. A crop top adds volume for the petite.

        Below I'm wearing a jaipuri shrug over a neon vest.


  1. wonderful layering tips.
    I really like the colours of your outfit.
    you look so lovely!

  2. Those are some great layering tips for the summer!
    Getting some great outfit ideas in my head!
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.


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