Friday, October 30, 2015

Topshop is finally here

You won't believe what I found online!

Online shopping for chronic shopaholics like me happens to be both a treat and necessity. But it becomes a delight raised to power infinity when you get something exclusive, something that you have always yearned for, something that brings back fond memories of your childhood....

Have been a fashion birdie since the history of my existence, my favorite relatives happened to be those who got me nice clothes. A little mean, but predictable. Isn't it? Cherry on the cake was when these and accessories came from uninhibited territories, foreign lands that I only heard of and read about in books. People said fashion there was better, more vibrant, and more thoughtful. I couldn't agree more. I would earnestly wait for someone to bring me these magical pieces from what people called “the land of fashion”. And through the course of my fashion shenanigans, one name that really stuck by me was “Topshop” from the lavish land of London. What I felt was truly divine about Topshop was that it had something new to offer every time. It seemed like, Topshop’s fashion philosophy was ‘global fashion inspired by an eclectic mix of sensibilities for an eclectic mix of people’. And, Topshop’s target customer was just about everyone under the brightly lit sun. 

As I was going through my ritualistic, often unrequired, but fondly loved pastime of browsing through online fashion sites, I came across Topshop clothing at, and my euphoria knew no bounds! I couldn’t wait to shop the whole collection right away! It was nice to see this brand staying true to its form, with Topshop online feeling like the same brand of my childhood dreams even today. I particularly loved the TOPSHOP Woven Aztec Duster Jacket With Belt, and I have already ordered it. Can’t wait to wear it these winters with my black fur boots and patent blue jeans! 

I also quite liked the TOPSHOP Orange Embroidered Eye Purse to keep my vanity items, which are otherwise lying around here and there all the time. And, it seems like the collection of Topshop bags is going to be my solace every time my bag fetish re-emerges. 

In the range of Topshop shoes, I am currently crushing on the fringed stilettoes in blue, the gladiator tie-up black belly shoes, the cleated white sandals, the patent leather boots, and the…Oh my! It seems like my disorder is back. I should probably distract myself now before I go broke. 

But, Topshop, you know my love for you is unconditional and unfazed, don’t you? Love, until next time!
A few favorites from the brand


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