Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy Birthdays

Being a mother is the most exciting job. You're on your toes all the time. And when the kid finally starts walking around the excitement doubles. You want to teach her every possible thing you have known as a kid. The new toys, new games, words, dancing moves. Everything is special and you want to do it just right. Another special thing apart ffrom the first step,the first word and the first chocolate, her first birthday is the most special.  Every parent wants an unforgettable first birthday for the baby. From the decor to the guestlist and her gorgeous dress.
So just like any other super excited mom, I wanted a super birthday for my daughter too. And for this I wanted her to grow up and see all the effort I put in for her day. With the market flooding with party decorations I wanted to give a personal touch to everything. And so the series of DIYS! 

1. Birthday invitations
 I chose the minnie mouse theme for the birthday. Because the gathering was a small one of about 10 families, I decided to make the invites myself.

Things you need
chart paper, paints, fevibond/ fevicol, satin ribbon, double tape, any color marker pen.

 a. Using bowls make all sizes of circles on the chart. Paint them and leave to dry. For writing the invites I made separate circles and kept them white.

b. Cut them out and stick them together.  

c. I painted pink circles for the halves. And using a pen cap made polka dots. 

d. Using a double tape stick the bow between the ears. 

e. Write on the white circles and tuck them in the minnie mouse face. 

2. Return gifts
For the return gifts I wanted to add a personal touch too yet keeping it simple. Keeping the blue and pink theme in mind I kept the blue for the boys and pink hearts for the girls.

Things you need
newspaper/ brown paper, colored paper /glaze paper,glue

1. I used old newspaper to wrap the gifts. I cut out hearts of colored sparkle paper and pasted separate colors for boys n girls.
This might be a good idea to use separate colors when you have different gifts for all kids or have gifts according to age.

This is what the gifts looked like.

3. Birthday cap

Things you need
Glaze paper, scissor, fevibond
I cut out a bow out of the same glitter sheet that I used for decoraring the gifts. You could also use a ribbon bow or probably some pompoms to line the cap. Its all in your head and how creative you are.

I bought similar caps for the other kids too and decorated the birthday cap to make it stand out! 

4. Cake bunting

Things you need
Toothpicks,thermocol, fabricpaints , fevibond/hotglue gun

a. The glitter paper just did everything for me. It worked so well. I used it for almost everything. 
b. Cut out baby's name from the thermocol/ glitter sheet. Write the alphabets flipside if you using a paper that has glitter only on one side. Be careful with that. 
c. If you choose thermocol, cut the alphabets out, paint them and glue the toothpick on the corner of each alphabet.
Take a look at what my baby's cake looked like.

Hope you all like the simple diys to make your baby's birthday a memorable one and more fun than the last one. And please feel free to share any creative ideas from yourself.


  1. Amazing concept... I like it very much please share something like this for 1st anniversary also.. So that every guest will love the concept and creativity. Really you always share something different.

  2. U r so creative. hats off.


  3. Amazing pictures. Creativity is intelligence having fun. You have that Girl!! :)


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