Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Colors of India-1

Blogging can be a great way to express yourself, if you a have an acknowledging bunch of readers. Just writing and not interacting with people around you can get morose, because after a while you start feeling left out and alone. So if you're writing for yourself, just to pen down thoughts, then you might as well write a diary, but if the idea behind all this is to tell the world how you feel, what you think, what you like, then you definitely have to take a few steps out to say hi. Im still learning to do that,huh!.. that's some really deep thinking I'm doing there:)

Anyway, today's post is about a picture of a man dressed in traditional Rajasthani attire. He was a performer at a craft exhibition. he was the first guy I spotted as I entered the ground. What caught my eye was his dummy horse, and while he rode it, their attires complimented each other so wonderfully, and it all looked like one. he looked a man with four legs, wearing a long skirt(lol)..  take a look at  this wonderful man, and his gorgeous flashy outfit. Now thats what I love about India.

What we see here is a button down floral shirt with a collar neckpiece- fabulous.
There's more to the Colors of India, as I have decided to start a series on that. These colors are what I take inspiration from to dress everyday, define our mood, help us celebrate. Keep reading!


  1. Yes we can follow each other :) Beautiful pictures :) Kisses from About a girl blog :)

  2. Hi :)
    The colors are beautiful! With the colors of life is greater!

    Greetings from Poland :)
    I follow Your blog!

  3. The colors are gorgeous! I love the pride in his face as you took his photo. Very elegant and strong.
    I know very little about India, so I was so happy that you found my blog because I got the chance to find yours! Excited to read and see more.
    Your newest follower,

    1. you're so right, he looks confident and elegant.
      thanks for following:)

  4. I love the colours and textures used in his outfit! I actually went travelling around India last year from Delhi to Kerala and being half indian, it was a dream come true to see where my ancestors originated! Beautiful city!
    Thanks for all your lovely comments, you have a great blog! Just continue being yourself and enjoy! ;)



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