Thursday, December 13, 2012

All that glitter

We see a lot of glitter trend going on today. Theres glitter everywhere I see. But women surely love to carry a bling with them where ever they go:)   From glitter nails, to studded/glitter belts to glitter tops and back pockets, all the way down to those pumps. We surely have been loving the glitter glam. So I decided to use an old pik of my glitter makeup, from the days I was in makeup school.

How to do it- You could mix up loose glitter with aloe-vera gel and put it on the lid.
The other way to do it is to first put shimmer shadow and then swipe off glitter on top. you could use a glitter Eyepencil too. So there you have it. Don't overdo it, because then it spoils the whole look. you want it to be eye catchy not scary!!!  Nude lips go well with the glittery lids.

 Mine is not that great, it was my first try. Just wanted to see what glitter looks like on the lids.


  1. woww ! good make up ! for party is perfect ;)

    of course that I want to follow each other ;)
    I already follow you

  2. nice makeup!!

    wanna follow each other ? just let me know!!


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