Thursday, December 13, 2012

Baby products for beauty

As my last post was about the eyes, I think its time I talked about cleaning them. Eyes according to me are the most sensitive feature of the face. And mine are over sensitive, to light(beacuse of the color maybe), to dust( wondering why:p) and over sensitive to make up removers. Gosh For years I had been changing my makeup remover, just to find something that didn't sting my eye. But every damn thing did!! I have loads of eye makeup removers stacked up, tested once. Till one day I finally thought of using the Johnsons baby wipes. I'm a fan of baby products for a long time, and the baby powder would be my favourite for ever and always, as I'm allergic to talcs, but my skin loves this one.
Coming back to the Johnsons baby wipes, I remember the first time I purchased them, I was so embarrassed while it was getting billed and in a small town in India purchasing baby wipes means you got to have  a baby around you. Ahahh. Huh, after all the staring and awkward smiling, I had them. I kept wondering until last week if women actually used baby wipes to remove makeup. Or I was the only crazy one. I was wrong!!


Reasonably priced
I love the fragrance, and so does my husband ;)
Removes makeup without a fuss
Smooth on the skin(I assume because its made for babies, so there are no harmful substances)
Moisturising(which is very rare. Honestly my skin feels less dry as when it did with other brands)
Most importantly, causes no irritation at all to the eyes. Which was my major concern.

I have to admit, it did sting a bit around the eyes the first time I used them, but I think I over rubbed the area back then.

The packing is a weak point. As the glue of the opening dries out when you pull out the wipes. So after sometime the opening sticky part comes off, which dries out the wipes. But I now use a tape to keep it sticking on to the pack. But thats not such a big problem i guess.

Overall I would say This product is a must have. Atleast to me its an essential. My 7 months old nephew and I are big fans of the wipes, and now you know why:)


  1. followed :) thanks for the comment on my blog

    love, annick from

  2. I have super sensitive skin and use baby wipes to remove make up before cleansing, they are an absolute godsend! They just come in handy all the time! I've followed you btw! :)

  3. Baby products are the best! x, Kat

  4. Yep, I have one Johnson's baby oil in the bathroom, so I understand you perfectly :)
    Lovely blog you have :D
    Now following you .. hope you can visit mine and maybe follow as well ^^

  5. Thanks for the review! I use Johnson's baby all the time and it's a great product, yes!

    Thank you for the comment in my blog. I am following you now :))

  6. My nephew is 7 months old and he is a HUGE fun of Johnson's baby! :*


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