Friday, November 16, 2012

Colouring the town this fall

As the winters are approaching fast, its time to re-stock our makeup kits ladies. No more dull and dry winters. Thats a promise I make myself everytime. So here are some pointers for the coming season change. 1. No soap- Pick the right one for your skin type. And avoid soap pls. It dries out your skin, no matter what the tv commercial says about the product, soap for the skin is a total no no. 2. Moisturizer- You get plenty of good ones these days. Just have to be a little carefull on not picking something that is too greasy, because then it happens to attract more dirt to your skin. For me Johnsons baby cream is the safest option. 3. Sunscreen- Do not forget your daily dose of sunscreen. 4. Foundation- For winters I prefer a cream based foundation, That keeps the skin from breaking out and gives a flawless look. 5. Red lipstick- now that you've created a flawless base for yourself, with all the above its time to add some colour this season. Shades of red and mauves are a rage this season. And they are just perfect for the indian skin tone. As much we all love the nude look, This season is all about being bold. Red lips never go out of fashion. And this fall there will be plenty of plum/mauve being seen around. 6. For blush cheeks blush in peach/pink do wonders for the the natural tinge on your cheek bones. 7. The lip balm is a total must have for the winters to keep your lips soft and shining. With all that, its still not the end, any makeup routine is incomplete with the three step daily care- CTM. For removing makeup try Johnsons Baby wipes. They are sooo damn soft and cause no irritation to skin and eyes, what-so-ever. Hope this winter is as cheerful and bright for all you lovely ladies!!!


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