Monday, June 27, 2016

Crops for the curves

Crop jackets have been too much on my mind lately. I have done a post on crops when I started this blog. But since then todag has to be my firzt post when I actually post pictures in one myself. There are some things you like wearing, but feel you wouldn't be able to pull it off.   Well  for me, the crop jacket is one of them. So even though I had various ideas of how to style them, something stopped me everytime for going out wearing a crop. And I would dump it back in the closet.
With the baby, the new body,  and a more confident me, which might be very unusual for some, I'm finding myself experimenting more. All the trends that that sounded 'ahh not for me',  are on photos, hanging on me! Guess the motherhood and the new curves have blessed me with a sense of pride. The pride of being able to bring new life in this world and then getting back to doing what you love the most. Getting dressed!!  Everyone has their inhibitions, and I had mine too. But the moment you overcome you realise the long way you have come. And how sweet the journey was.

Trying myaelf on the most basic way of wearing that crop. Denims+ strap top+ boho necklace.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

When you go fusion

Taking sometime out for yourself is important for individual growth. With a baby around all the time it becomes an agenda to find some space for yourself. Among all this my blog was never a problem for me with the small following and not many expectations from a long list of readers. But then a small following is no excuse. I still try to deliver what I would with a million followers. I believe in quality and not quantity.  I pat myself on the back every once in a while after a post is up.  And here's to another colorful outfit that I thought of while in the poo-poo, because thats the only lonely spot left in my house while the little one sleeps.

Catching up with the boho trend. The fusion of ethnic and bohemian is unbelievable. The highlight of the look is the button down which was a steal at just 200INR.

The bag is a vintage and my mom's ( which I took into my possession without letting her and my sister know!!!)

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