Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pimp the beer bottle

While on a lazy afternoon, when the mind knows nothing of, I had a colourful idea! To paint the left over beer bottles from last night's boozing session. These came out great.

You can do the same to add a little pep to the that sad corner of your room. They make great vases the best thing is you can always keep changing the color combo with your interior.

This ones my favourite, which matches the kashmiri carpet in my room. Fuss free:)

I used fabric paints, because thats what I had available. But Im going to try some more with glass paints, as they don't come off easily. The fabric paint wont stay for long if you wipe the dust off the bottle with damp cloth. But who would? I think they look adorable and serve my purpose. They are great for gifting too. So the next time you wanna show some extra love to a friend, paint her a beer bottle!


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