Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Celebrating motherhood

This year my mother's birthday was double exciting because it was her 50th birthday + my 6th month of being pregnant. So we had two reasons to celebrate. We decided to wear outfits which had similar colors and kept the accessories close to look similar in every possible way. 

P.S-  My new clutch from the fabulous 'Art Meets Fashion' added the glamor needed.  Hope you all like the pictures.

I chose to wear an A'line dress, as it perfectly flaunts my new shape. It hugs at the right places and presents your new curves softly without drawing too much attention(which make me conscious) .


  1. you are glowing!

  2. You look lovely and glowing....and i love what you are wearing!

  3. Love the matching outfits. Now i know whr u get ur good looks frm.
    Ur mom is such a stunner.


  4. Honey as usual sensational post! You make it with such passion and commitment,
    it's nice to read! I hope these posts as much as possible and as often as possible!
    I'm your biggest fan - you can count on me at any time! :-*

    Katherine Unique

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