Sunday, February 14, 2016

The love hanger

When everyone is busy getting ready for the Valentines Day, buying gifts for their loved ones and making dinner reservations, I decided to have a quiet Valentines away from my husband doing what I do best. Taking care of the baby and doing fun diys! I came across this cute wall decor on a blog and did a little something for my bedroom for the special day. Its all about feeling the love and being thankful for every special person you have in your life. The idea could spruce up a corner in the house be it your parents' bedroom too.

Things you need 
Scissor, thread/ribbon, pen , cello tape/hotglue gun, colored paper of your choice

Get started
1. Make little hearts on the paper. You could use stencil if you're a beginner.

2. Cut the hearts out and glue/tape them on the ribbon/ thread. I used craft paper that was white on one side, which was a mistake. Its better to used paper thats colored both sides to avoid the white when the hearts swing around.

4. Hang the thread/ribbon on an old hanger.

You could even hang pom poms or little bells for a Christmas Eve. Keep the thread a little longer and hang little buntings to give it your creative touch.
The good thing about this diy is you could hang it anywhere in the house. You don't need a day to show love, express love and fill the air with love. 

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