Thursday, May 26, 2016

Think like a blogger

One way I like to create more clothing options for myself is through diy. And painting your own clothes can be tough job to so yourelf. So I try to find easier options of painting. It dosnt have to be freehand. You could use a variety of things. Just a little practice is the key. Block printing is for everyone. Even the kids. Whatever object you choose, try a few times on paper on rough cloth.
I chose to paint with leaves. I have a special affinity to leaves when it comes to paints since I was kid. They come in so many shapes ans sizes. And if you look close the web of veins is a beauty.
So lets get started!

Things you need

Step 1:
Put a newspaper under the cloth to avoid transfering the paint underneath.
Now choose carefully which side you want to paint. I painted with the backside of the leaf. The impression of the leaf from that side was better. You could see the veins more prominently in the painted image.  For a nice outline I would suggest the backside.
Paint the color you want. Keep the color consistenvy right. Not too dry, not too runny. If its too dry the color won't transfer nicely and you will have empty spaces. If color is too runny it might fall off the object while you try to put the object on the cloth. And it might also spread outside the outline you want.

Step 2:
Press it down gently. Applying too much pressure,if you're choosing a leaf, will diminsh the veins. And spread the color too much.
The bigger leaves below do no have veins visible, because I wanted it that way. I have painted small leaves too which show the outlines nicely.

Step 3:
Fill on color freehand, if you want.
Leave to dry for 24hours.
Iron on the backside of the clothing after the paint is dry.

The two waya I wore the dress. Before and after!


  1. such a lovely DIY. I love how the leaves turned out, so lovely. You have created a very colourful and pretty pattern!

    I often use textile paints to paint on clothes. Most of my clothes have been painted on!:) I love to paint and this is my fav DIY.

    1. Thank u so mych ivana. Im glad u like itm i live to paibt clothes too. Guess v have similar tastes☺☺



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